SynonymsEnsar, Anzar, Anser

The name Ansar means “helper” in Arabic, it is also interpreted as “supporter” or “fellow traveler” – this was the name of those who helped the Prophet Muhammad when he came to Medina.

The owner of the name Ansar is an overbearing and straightforward personality. He is outspoken in his statements. But these character traits do not repel people from him, but on the contrary attract them as Ansar radiates some magnetism.

He is an inquisitive man who knows how to take risks, who strives for novelty and changes in his life. Ansar is used to overcoming himself, he needs to look above and beyond in order to progress and develop. Stubbornness combined with constant efforts will help him achieve his goals.

The owner of the name Ansar is a sociable and charming man. He is thoughtful, brave, active and knows how to use the opportunities that come up. He needs a job in order to make himself known to the whole world. Ansar can’t do nothing. He tends to think that what he does can also be done well by others. This can lead to conflicts with his family, friends or colleagues.

As a child, Ansar reluctantly accepts the authority of his parents because a spirit of contradiction lives in him. This boy is sincere and truthful. Sports activities are well suited for him as well as scientific activities. Independent from an early age, he may be tempted to work from an early age. It would be good for parents to instill in him the concepts of collectivity and solidarity.

Sentimentally, he is a jealous man and even possessive. He believes that his life partner must fulfill his slightest desires, and does not understand the vagaries of the female soul very well. For him the life is simple, Ansar does not like complications. He is not a particularly romantic man and he is not prone to sentimentality.

Usually Ansar chooses a profession that brings a good income or in which he may have some power (sports, police, army, finance, management, stock market or banking). He may also be attracted to scientific professions or professions related to mining.

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