OriginLatin, Greek
SynonymsViktoria, Viktorie, Viktorija
DiminutiveVic, Vicki, Vickie, Vicky, Vikki, Tori, Tory, Toria, Tora, Vita

The name Victoria comes from the Latin word “Victoria” meaning “victory”. In Roman mythology, Victoria is a name of the goddess of victory, which corresponds to the Greek goddess of victory Nike, so the name Nike is an equivalent of the name Victoria.

The paired male name is Victor. The name Victorina is a related name. The name’s hypocoristics Tora and Vita are also official given names.

A woman named Victoria has such character traits as self-assertion, stubbornness, cunning, physical activity and mobility. At the same time, Victoria is kind, amorous, quite indecisive, and shy. To make up for her indecisiveness and to assert herself, Victoria becomes defiant and fanciful: she either starts using strong perfume or buys an ultrashort skirt, or just behaves overactively.

Victoria is lazy, she can suddenly shrink into herself. Because of her lack of confidence, she looks shy, although this woman actually has great internal power. She can lie for her personal advantage. Victoria is a self-willed and stubborn woman standing on solid ground. She is strong-willed and is characterized by viraginity.

In her professional activity Victoria shows the same self-assertion and ostentation. However, in case of any obstacles or resistance she will retreat from her plans. This woman should choose a profession in which the result depends on herself. She is talented in the educational field, so she can become a great teacher, educator, electronic engineer, scientific workers, pediatrician, or a nurse. With certain physical characteristics she can explore the career of a fashion model.

Victoria has excellent organizing skills, that’s why she’ll make a talented manager. She can also become a successful housewife. Victoria’s parents shouldn’t interfere with her choice of profession. These women achieve success later in life, but they will definitely do it thanks to their determination and diligence.

Victoria is very picky in her choice of partner because of her indecisiveness. She will have doubts whether she has made the right decision or not, even after she gets married. Her partner must be a sensitive and thoughtful man who will give her self-confidence. In return, Victoria will give her partner trust and sincerity, true love and willingness to give anything for her loved one. Victoria will make a caring wife and a good housewife. She will never forgive her husband’s deception or unfaithfulness. Victoria is a hot-tempered woman. She is usually attractive and charming, so she can turn any man’s head.

Victoria is a sociable woman, but she doesn’t have a lot of friends. She prefers having a few reliable friends instead of many useless ones. Leadership is not a goal for Victoria, she can enjoy a passive role, too. In friendship she values beauty. She can’t stand tactless friends. She is a sincere and warm woman who loves not only her friends and relatives but all the people around her.

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