SynonymsViktor, Vitor, Viktar, Vittore

The name Victor means “winner” or “victorious” in Latin. The paired female name is Victoria. This name was borne by popes, aristocrats, a large number of famous people in various countries of the world. For more than a hundred years, this name has not left the rating of the 200 most popular names among Christians.

The owner of the name Victor is a confident and passionate person who needs to move forward. He commands respect at first sight, looks strong, serious and trustworthy. Victor does not recognize flattery and coercion.

Victor knows how to be pleasant, very responsible, inquisitive, adaptable, but does not hesitate to question his strength and abilities, because a new experience inspires him.

For everyone Victor is a support and protection, the someone you can always rely on, lean on in a difficult moment, even if he himself would prefer to be a little less responsible for others. Many people will use it because Victor takes any request seriously.

Victor loves home comfort, family, harmony and peace. A sense of duty and responsibility to his family prevails over the desire for major changes, a challenge to others and life for his own sake. But being a loner Victor will be a pragmatic, successful and lonely person.

From an early age Victor appreciates directness and frankness, respects those who trust him. He shows himself to be a loving and responsible child, although sometimes somewhat short-tempered. Sport is necessary for its balance. This is a conscientious, brave boy.

Before Victor finds his true path he can try different professions. He is most often attracted to professions in the field of law, military affairs, politics, as well as leadership positions. He may also be interested in professions that allow him to travel and change the situation (for example, sales or tourism). He may be attracted by professional activities related to various types of art or cooking, where he will be able to express his attitude to aesthetics, shapes and colors.

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