OriginLatin, Hebrew
SynonymsLevy, Lewy

The name Levi is of Jewish origin, it is mentioned in the Bible. The name is associated with the founder of the Levite tribe in ancient Judea - Levi, the third son of Jacob (Israel) - and means “attached“, “joining“, “the one who accompanies“.

The earliest mention of the name Levi is associated with the Romans (mention of the name of the 1st century BC), which speaks of the Latin origin of the name. The name Levi comes from “levis“ - “smooth“, “shiny“.

The owner of the name Levi is a somewhat secretive and reserved person, but the desire to express himself often pushes him to communicate, so he often has to outwardly demonstrate completely different personality traits. Levi is active, careless, the enemy of all restrictions. For him, life is important for its discoveries and adventures.

This is a smart man who will not rush into the pool without thinking first. Quite a pessimistic skeptic, a little sarcastic and derisive. But Levi can go astray, he can be fired up with an idea, he is full of the desire for freedom and independence.

In childhood, this boy should be brought up with a certain rigor, instill in him the concepts of work and discipline, teach him to avoid easy and quick ways, especially if they do not lead to a quality result. Levi’s impatience and desire for recognition, fame and praise should be directed into sports. It would be nice to keep a close eye on his school work, since thoroughness and concentration are not his virtues.

Personally, uncharted areas are especially attractive to Levi. It can be both intellectual research and sporting achievements. He will be very fond of ethnology, archeology or philosophy, but he is also attracted to modern technology, and one of his hobbies will be reading science fiction.

Levi loves to laugh and have fun. In love, he is successful because he knows how to be charming and charming. But he often feels that he is misunderstood, because behind this seeming ease hides the modesty of a person who finds it difficult to express his true feelings.

Levi can often change his job, as he does not like monotony, and he is more attracted to professions in which his communication skills can be expressed (teacher, lawyer, journalist). He will be particularly successful in sales, commerce, marketing or advertising. He can also be attracted by professions related to travel, games or sports (animator, commentator), creative professions (actor, writer) or highly specialized professions (programmer, technician).

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