DiminutiveAd, Adi

There are several versions of the origin of the name Adrian. According to the first version, it’s a Latin male name derived from the name Hadrianus, which comes from a Roman Cognomen meaning “Adriatic” or “born near the Adriatic Sea”.

According to another version, the name Adrian is one of the forms of the name Andrew. Although, most probably they are different names as they can both be found in a Catholic calendar.

A man with the name Adrian has a strong personality. He is really altruistic and philanthropic. This man is highly sensitive and has a great power of intuition. He lives with the idea to make the world better than it is. He put all his efforts into his fight against injustice and help to the disadvantaged. It’s not always about direct actions, sometimes his fight is of informational nature.

Adrian is not afraid of difficulties. He is rather dependent and easily suggestible, and he is ready for self-sacrifice. His friends and relatives should remember about this if they want him to find his place in life and not to become someone’s puppet.

In childhood Adrian is a charming and lovely boy everyone tries to please. If there is any disagreement in the family, he takes it really hard. He’s sensitive and impressionable, he can become emotionally unstable due to serious stress and plenty of worries. As the time goes by, he will try to become more independent and his wish to be free can sometimes result in reckless behavior in his youth. With age Adrian becomes more earth-bound, careful, and closer to reality.

Adrian has high standards of beauty and perfection, he looks for ideal in everything. He’s interested in social and humanitarian activities, and if you don’t watch him closely, he may even become an adherent of a certain idea. He is ready to interact with other people with honesty and good faith that are typical for him. Adrian should steer this conviction and commitment to ideas to his work.

This man is also a perfectionist in his love life, and he will praise his loved one despite her blunders. Women sometimes take advantage of this weakness of Adrian, but his wife should never do this if she doesn’t want to lose his love and respect.

The most suitable professions for Adrian are the ones related to psychology, working with people (teacher, psychologist, sociologist, politician), or artistic professions (artist, musician). He is interested in religious and philosophical fields, in charity and liberal arts, where he can successfully show himself.

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