SynonymsSaleem, Salim, Salman, Selim, Selman, Sulejman, Solomon, Shalim, Zalman, Sulum, Salama

The name Salem in Arabic means “safe”, “sound” or “intact”. The name can also be interpreted as “real”, “whole”, “sincere” or “honest”. The feminine forms are Salima, Salma and Selima.

There are also several variants of this name – Salim, Saleem, Salman and others. The name and its analogues can be part of complex names (Salembek, Salemkhan, Sulumbek, Selimkhan).

The owner of the name Salem is a mysterious person. It is often quite difficult for others to understand him. This man is prone to introversion and introspection. He is constantly looking for answers to numerous questions and often worried about various things. Salem is a rather sensitive person who protects his inner world from others. He often shows coldness, distances himself from people and can be ironic, but this behavior does not bother his family, who have already become accustomed to Salem's manner of behaving in society.

With age, Salem will acquire a certain wisdom, but the desire for loneliness, some isolation will be traits of his character. When faced with hostility, he will often prefer to run away from problems rather than fight.

As a child, Salem is a thoughtful boy who strives to develop intellectually. He is attached to his family and needs care because he is very sensitive to the environment. A positive emotional atmosphere charges him, gives him strength for the development and implementation of the child's desires.

Salem likes to study, gain new knowledge, and learn new methods. He likes to read scientific literature, fiction and detective stories. He has a well-developed intuition but he does not really trust it, preferring to rely on logical thinking.

In love, Salem rarely expresses his feelings and hopes that the girl herself will be able to guess them. This man hides his sensitivity and sometimes complains that he is misunderstood.

Salem prefers professions that go beyond the line. He finds the latest technical specializations in computer science, electronics, physics, mathematics or biotechnology. Salem often expresses his feelings and thoughts in creative professions – as an actor, writer, artist or director.

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