SynonymsAbdulla, Abdallah, Abdulah, Abdul, Gabdulla, Abdullo, Abdullahi, Ubaydullah

The name Abdullah has an Arabic origin, which means “servant of Allah” in translation. This name is widely spread among the peoples professing Islam.

There are a large number of variations of the name – Abdullah, Abdallah, Abdul, Gabdulla, Abdullo and others. The name Ubaydullah is close in meaning, where “ubayd” is a diminutive form of “abd” (servant, slave).

Also the name is often used in two–part names as Abdulhakim, Abdulkarim, Abdulmajid, Abdulbasir and many others.

The owner of the name Abdullah is a calm, balanced man who is always inclined to compromise, ready to show tact, tolerance and diplomacy. Abdullah demonstrates some sophistication, he is an aesthete and perfectionist with a scrupulous nature.

It is important for Abdullah to take care of his relatives, not to hurt them. He combines sensitivity, emotionality and intuition, is usually brave and determined. If he happens to encounter hostility or feel misunderstood, Abdullah may withdraw into himself.

This man loves smart games and sports. He prefers to combine them. Abdullah will take part in horse races with great pleasure, but not only the most ordinary ones, but the ones with different levels of tasks, both for the rider and for the horse. He solves puzzles, passes sports quests and overcomes difficult obstacles with great pleasure.

Abdullah can achieve great goals and participate in associations or movements of a humanitarian or political nature. He needs the approval of relatives and the support of friends to realize his plans. He aspires to be an innovator, but he acts wisely and does not cross borders.

In childhood, one should not impose too many responsibilities on him, but also one should not overly protect him, because in this case he may embark on the path of irresponsibility, idleness and negligence. Parents can influence their son's future professional choice if they pay enough attention to his desires and personal hobbies.

Abdullah needs harmony to reign around him: it is necessary for its balance. Thus, family life is of paramount importance for this man. But his exactingness to the chosen one, the thirst for perfection of his future spouse can delay the choice of a suitable candidate for a long time.

Abdullah may be interested in professional areas where precision and attention to detail are required (jewelry, perfumery or furniture manufacturing). This man can become an excellent consultant or a public figure. It is possible that his interest in real estate, cars and horses may develop into his own business in these areas.

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