SynonymsAbigaile, Abigale, Abigayle, Abegail, Avigail, Abigel, Abigaillle
DiminutiveAbby, Abbey, Abbie, Gail, Gayle, Abbi, Abi, Gale, Gayla, Gaila

Abigail is the biblical name that King David's third wife bore. The combination of the roots in the Hebrew name אֲבִיגָיִל ('Avigayil) derived from “av” (“father”) and “gil” (“joy”) gives many possible variations of the interpretation of the name: “father's joy”, “source of joy”, “father rejoiced” or “my father is a joy”.

The name Abigail is often used among the English–speaking peoples. Its short forms Abby, Abbey, Abbie, Gail and Gayle became independent names.The owner of the name Abigail is a very sociable and slightly flirtatious girl. She diligently emphasizes her femininity and wisely uses feminine tricks. She has sudden mood swings, and people around her often note Abigail's emotional nature.

In fact it is emotions that govern her life and largely shape Abigail's character. Many people are confused by the constant changes that a girl and her appearance undergo. Today you know her as a blonde with long hair, occupying a prominent place in the advertising field, and two weeks later you meet a brunette with short hair, broadcasting on a radio station.

As a child the girl is quite short-tempered and impulsive. She often changes his preferences in toys, outfits and books. Abigail constantly needs to be guided – discipline is not about this girl at all. The life is a game for her and the concepts of order and obedience don't really concern her.

Sensitivity and emotionality are Abigail's unchanging character traits. Thus she will be an excellent student in mathematics one year because the teacher pays special attention to her, and she will become a lagging student next year because she no longer likes the teacher. She can be chatty, dreamy and absent-minded. That's why parents should pay special attention to their daughter's education.

Charming, laughing and having fun are drive this nature. She's a romantic at heart. Abigail appreciates beautiful things, jewelry and luxury. She loves changes very much; she is fascinated by travel and adventure. Friendship and communication with other people are also important to her.

When Abigail is motivated she can work for hours without noticing how time flies. But having lost motivation the girl begins to be lazy, dream and allows time to flow unnoticed.

Professions related to communication and travel are suitable for her (journalist, producer, editor, flight attendant, presenter or photographer). Abigail feels good in a creative environment, she will become a skilled designer, actress or singer.

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