The name Raifa is a feminine given name derived from the male Muslim name Raif. Translated from Arabic, it means “kind“, “compassionate“, “merciful“. There is a spelling – Rajfa.

The owner of this name is a secretive and reserved person, often an introvert. It is often occupied with philosophical, metaphysical, or spiritual questions. Raifa has a good analytical mind, and her critical approach to the case is well applicable to the exact sciences. If she does not use it in intellectual activities, it can lead her to despondency and depression.

Raifa values friendship above many other things in life, although she has very few real friends. Her character is quite unusual, the girl has a well-developed intuition, which she often calls a premonition. She strives to gain wisdom, but her shyness and emotionality do not help her overcome life’s difficulties. She avoids confrontations and withdraws into herself at the slightest stress.

As a child, Raifa’s emotional component is very fragile, she often lacks life experience and inner strength. Disagreements in the family can have disastrous consequences for its development. This dreamy girl tends to ask questions from a very young age, and she really needs answers. Raifa is very diligent, strict to herself, so she is simply created for studying, provided that there are no emotional obstacles in her way.

Raifa’s sentimentality binds her to any object that is unusual and satisfies her need for the miraculous. The desire for utopia prevents her from realizing her dream, marginality can become a part of her life. Therefore, she risks experiencing loneliness and misunderstanding on the part of others.

It is not easy to realize such aspirations, so Raifa can turn to specialized or avant-garde professions associated with the latest new techniques. For example, to the research and development of artificial intelligence, if it chooses a scientific field. She also chooses creative professions as a way to achieve her goals and as a way of self-realization.

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