SynonymsBeniamin, Benyamin, Binjamin, Benjamen, Benhamin
DiminutiveBen, Benny, Benie, Benjie, Bennie

The name Benjamin is mentioned in the Bible. This name comes from Hebrew language and literally means “son of the right hand”. Also there is an interpretation of “happy son”. The accent can be on the first or the third syllable.

Like many biblical names, this name is popular among Jewish, Christian and Muslim religions and for this reason it has many spelling and pronunciation variations in different languages: Benjamin in England and Portugal, Benjamen in France, Benyamin in Germany, Hungary, Romania, Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Sweden and Denmark, Benhamin in Spain, Veniamin in Greece, Belarus, Poland, Russia and Ukraine. The most common diminutive forms are Ben, Benny, Benie, Benjie.

The phrase “Benjamin of the family” refers to the youngest son in the family in some languages, especially when he is much younger than his brothers. Also, this name is chosen by rather mature parents, most often in those cases when the born boy has several older brothers and a sister. Both of these customs are derived from the Bible, where this name was borne by the son of James, who held this position in his family.

The owner of the name Benjamin loves life in all its appearances, therefore he is an active man, who knows his goals, confident in himself, a person with a great desire to move forward. At first, such a combination of qualities seems quite impressive, however a strong and reliable man, clearly deserving the trust appears under the gaze. True, he is also harsh, he can behave very arrogantly, impatiently, irritably, independently up to the complete indifference to everything around him.

Benjamin is endowed with an amazing mental ability, which helps him to adapt well if necessary, and an aptitude to introspection. Despite his limitations, most part of time he likes to communicate and take responsibility for his actions. The owner of this name looks like a respectable, strong man who can be relied on in life, although he would prefer to give up such responsibility. Benjamin is fascinated by adventure and novelty. He wants to live his life without worrying about what other people think about it. And this desire can prevail over reasoning and logical explanations. A sense of independence and frequent disobedience leads this man to a contradiction between a sense of duty and responsibility. And any of these tendencies can prevail, depending on the moment and circumstances.

As a child, the boy is overflowed with energy, and a rigid authoritarian upbringing will not greatly affect him. He is more likely to respect those who are frank and direct, who trust him and respect his sense of justice. Benjamin will be a very affectionate and responsible child; he truly loves his family, although sometimes he can be a little quick-tempered. Therefore, physical exercises are necessary for the boy to keep him balanced. Not particularly subtle in terms of sensitivity and impressions, yet Benjamin is a conscientious student, and his behavior is generally consistent and amenable to logic.

His personal feelings take a lot of place in his life; although he seeks to protect himself from their manifestation and emphasizes his exclusive rights to his own “want”. Benjamin can spend a lot of time on any business that he considers important and necessary - from making furniture in his own home to introducing unique technologies into mass production. His passion for a particular job can become his talent.

The owner of this name can try various activities before finding his true calling. Activities related to the exercise of power may appeal to Benjamin (justice, police, politics), as well as those that allow him to avoid routine and bring novelty (sales, representation, tourism). Classes or activities related to food, cuisine, aesthetics and creativity are part of his personality, which can also be executed in the professional field.

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