SynonymsRupert, Ruprecht, Robrecht, Roopertti
DiminutiveBob, Bobbie, Bobby, Rob, Robbie, Robby, Robin, Robbe, Roope

The name Robert has old German roots and means “bright unfading fame” or “shining with fame”. In some countries Robert can be also called Rupert, Bob, or Robin.

The name Robert is one of the most widely used male names in English-speaking countries. Several kings had this name. There is a female version of this name – Roberta.

A man with this name stands out in any company. However, Robert doesn’t enjoy that as he is rather reserved and even-tempered. From childhood, Robert looks older than he is, and he is also very reasonable and reserved in response to excessive attention.

Such character traits as concentration and determination are typical for Robert. He always has rather good self-esteem, his vanity is not wounded, so he can always stand up for himself. Robert doesn’t usually hold grudges for a long time. He tries to think the conflict over and not only understand its point but also appreciate and maybe even accept his opponent’s opinion. It should be noted that Robert’s even temper and calmness have nothing to do with laziness. Everything he takes up he does thoroughly and without any fussiness.

Robert is capable of understanding and forgiving people, and he does that with tact and delicacy. That’s why he has authority and respect among his friends and even acquaintances. This quality is definitely an advantage because it’s perfect not only for personal life but also for an executive job. Robert also tries to choose a calm profession. The suitable fields for him are, undoubtedly, biology, history, or technical drawing. Robert becomes everyone's favorite in any work team because he never tries to be in command of other people and he is always ready to offer help if people need it. Robert is very serious about his family life. That’s why he always tries to remain faithful to one woman. Robert is fairly jealous, and if his loved one cheats on him, it will be a serious blow. Despite this, he can still forgive her.

There are usually no troubles in communication with Robert. He attracts people with his optimism and ability to enjoy even the least important events. It often happens that people try to win Robert over and convert him to their point of view. Robert tries to avoid such people and communication with them. Calm and even-tempered Robert sometimes reaches for adventurous people.

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