SynonymsRobertha, Robin, Robertina
DiminutiveRobbie, Robyn, Robina, Robynne, Birdie, Bobbi, Bobbie

The name Roberta is the feminine form of the masculine name Robert, which is of Germanic origin, and means “shining with glory“, “bright glory“, “shining glory“, “sparkling glory“. The most common female name received in Latin America, Spain and Italy.

The owner of the name Roberta is an emotional person, but often confuses others with her behavior, although she is really quite secretive and withdrawn. This does not in any way interfere with her when she is in a trusting and self-friendly atmosphere, where she communicates with ease and enthusiasm. Thus, it can be seen as a lonely and fleeing girl from the world, and pushed by her curiosity and discovering the world around her, a young lady looking for communication. In any case, she is a special, mysterious and inaccessible person who is difficult to understand or even get close to her.

Roberta has intelligence, demonstrates a critical approach, but also she is attracted to the irrational, unorthodox, strange, but this difference is perceived more as marginality, so she partly feels a certain sense of inferiority.

Most often, her childhood cannot be called very easy, because parents may not notice her deep personality, perceiving it in their own way. They will have to establish a language of communication, given the complexity of the child, where two contradictory natures are clearly visible. One Roberta is easy to communicate, talkative, and the other is a closed intellectual who prefers silence. Parents will need to learn to notice and adapt to different cyclical periods of personality manifestation, where sociability, enthusiasm, intense communication, optimism with skepticism, silence, and pessimism will alternate.

Developing artistic, creative, and oral skills is the best way to connect with Roberta. She needs to write, talk, and sing. Moreover, it is through curiosity (its worst flaw and best quality) that it advances in life.

Roberta’s personal life is quite difficult, because the girl does not reveal most of her personal secrets, although she likes to chat. She will prefer to be unraveled, and therefore will be disappointed, feeling that deep down she is misunderstood. She is more interested in a brilliant intellectual companion than in his bank account, since the material sphere will be secondary to her, if not indifferent.

Roberta chooses her professional sphere depending on whether she prefers to be sociable or withdrawn. These will be professions that require research, analysis, the art of diagnostics and modern methods of analytics, or professions in which the ability to express, communicate and convince are important components (sales, representation, public relations). But if Roberta has a real talent, it will push her to an artistic career (dancer, singer, actress).

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