SynonymsAleksander, Alessandro, Alastar, Iskander
DiminutiveAlex, Alec, Sander, Xander, Al

The name Alexander is of Greek origin. In the modern translation it means “protector“, earlier versions of the interpretation - “protective husband“, meaning “man“, not “spouse“. In many languages, “man“ is identical to the concept of “man“, so the name Alexander also began to attribute this meaning.

The name Alexander is widespread throughout the world, mostly thanks to Christianity. In some European countries, such as Russia, Sweden, Ukraine, this name is in the top ten favorites among male names. The USA adheres to the same trend. In many European countries, the name Alexander is in the top 20 most popular male names.

The name Alexander can change its sound. For example, in England you can often hear it through the letter “z“ – Aleksander. In some countries, “k“ will be lost - Alejandro (Spain), Alessandro (Italy). Alexander transforms into Sandor in Hungary, in Ireland it is Alastar, in Scotland - Alastair or Alasdair. The pronunciation of the name with the addition of “e“ is quite common - Alexander (Netherlands, Poland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway).

Despite the variety of variants, the name has many other derivative forms that have received an independent life in certain countries. For example, there is Alex or Alec in England and in the USA, in Italy - Sandro, among Muslims they use their own version of the name - Iskander.

The male name Alexander has a paired female name - Alexandra. The female name is not inferior to the male name in the breadth of distribution, and besides, it has a greater number of derivative forms that have become independent names. The most famous are Sandra, Alexandria, Alexandrina, Alexandrine, Sandrina, Lysandra, Alastriona, Alex, Olesya, Lesya.

In the United States, the name Sasha is especially popular, which is one of the diminutive-affectionate terms in Russia, used for both female and male names. But in the States, the name Sasha has become completely independent and is considered an exclusively female name, it does not apply to men, Alexandra, even in a short address.

The owner of the name Alexander is a very confident, sociable and cheerful man. His some frivolity makes him a likeable person who knows that he has a big heart, a kind soul, and that he himself has a certain charisma. This knowledge does not spoil him, but only strengthens him. An extremely adaptable person, Alexander can quickly adjust and feel at ease wherever he goes.

Despite his love for solitary and peaceful rest, he is not devoid of activity, does not avoid communication and companies. Alexander loves a competent conversation, chatting about trifles does not interest him much, but he can support her too, although without much enthusiasm. This man loves to communicate, prefers those from whom you can learn something, so he easily finds common topics of conversation with almost any interlocutor, and will almost certainly master the art of persuasion over time.

The owner of the name Alexander is a bright, perceptive and observant man. He builds his own happiness all his life, he is convinced that only he himself can do what he needs, although he is not averse (and will even try very hard) to transfer part of the work to others, but he will carefully monitor its implementation.

It will seem to many from the outside that this man is vain, but in fact Alexander strives to do everything well the first time, and sometimes he is not shy about the means to achieve the goal. His curiosity extends only to those areas that he needs. He can become a professional in any field, independently study the required disciplines. His inner determination to others seems to be a desire for fame, although the owner of this name seeks to be appreciated only for his merits and actual achievements, and not for what he plans to achieve.

Alexander has a sharp mind, strategic thinking prevails, although he knows how to calculate tactical approaches, but does not consider them fundamental. He sees the big picture, at times he may seem shallow and self-confident, but still has difficulty in achieving goals. Qualities such as assertiveness and confidence give Alexander authority, and this helps him to be a good leader, able to lead people.

Even as a child, Alexander did not mind drawing the attention of adults to his person. And he does it in completely different ways - from brilliant academic success to unacceptably bad deeds. The boy is more likely to have fun than to do his homework, so special effort may be required to motivate him. Although Alexander himself will not consider this as some kind of omission for himself. In a young man, such traits as self-confidence, chaotic behavior will be actively manifested, he will actively seek his dream and purpose in life.

Alexander is a very pleasant, gentle gentleman, but do not expect romance and vivid emotions from him. He is stingy with emotions “in public“, only with very close and personal communication can you see his sensual nature, feel his emotional outbursts. Reason prevails over emotions in this man.

He can be attracted to a career in sales, marketing and advertising, which allows him to maintain close contact with the public. The legal, social or medical field can also occupy his inquisitive mind, creativity is one of the areas where Alexander can unlimitedly show his abilities. He can become both an actor and an artist, a writer. Most often, Alexander prefers to lead, while the sphere can be absolutely any, both the organization of transportation throughout the country and the management of a network of nail salons.

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