OriginGerman, Latin
SynonymsEma, Ima, Em
DiminutiveEmmi, Emmy, Emm, Emita, Eminha

There are different versions of the name’s origin. According to the first one, Emma is a German name meaning “whole” or “universal”. It probably became a proper name in its own right much later, while initially it had been a short form of ancient Germanic names starting with “ermen” (“whole”, “universal”) as well as a form of address for the name Amalia. In this case, the related names are Emilia, Emmy, and Irma.

According to the second version, the name Emma originated from a Hebrew male name Immanuel, meaning “God with us”. Emma is thought to be a short form of the name Immanuel.

The third version says that the name Emma has Latin roots and means “precious”, “sincere”.

There is another version of the Arabic origin of the name Emma. In Arabic it means “faithful”, “calm”, and “reliable”.

Today this name is popular not only in such Old World countries as England, Germany, Sweden, France, Norway, and so on, but also in the countries of the New World, including the USA, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia. The name Emma is now at the top of the lists of the most popular female names, most often taking up the first or the second position in different countries, but definitely remaining in the leading top five.

A girl named Emma is always displeased with herself, she dislikes everything about herself, however, she is very determined. Emma is obsessed with self-criticism, she reproaches herself for every blunder and failure. If she has to make a choice, whether that be serious things or just a dress for the evening, the girl may be doubtful about her options, but if she has made a decision, she will never change it. You cannot make Emma change her mind and you should not criticize her ideas – she will do as she has planned anyway.

Usually it is the angularity of character that causes difficulties in Emma’s life. She is too independent and self-determined, she is emotional and short-tempered. She is always heedless of advice, but at the same time she is intelligent and has a quick mind. Emma may seem strict and secluded at the first glance, although in fact she is just protecting herself from the outside world as she is too sensitive to the external influence. She lives her life following her mind, not her emotions.

Emma has a great artistic taste so she can choose a creative profession and become a fashion designer, an art expert, or an artist. Thanks to her diligence and tactfulness, Emma can also explore different areas of activity, and she can establish a tremendous career and take up leading positions as she has strong-willed personality and is liked by people. Emma shows independence and remarkable willpower from the very childhood, so she is really hard-working and determined in her work. Nevertheless, she is thoughtful and unhurried when it comes to dealing with business matters.

In home life Emma shows herself as a caring mother and a good housewife, she is never tired of household routines. Emma’s husband usually plays the leading role in her family. Emma dedicates her life to her close ones and protects them from hardships. The woman with this name can’t stand playing with people’s affections, she is very sincere in love. Emma is picky in the choice of a partner.

It is highly important for Emma to release her inner stress, for example, with humour. Laughter and smiles make her character softer, relationships with colleagues and close ones warmer, and her mood more cheerful. It should be noted that a woman with this name is prone to depression due to her high emotional sensitivity and self-criticism. In a relationship with Emma you should not take her external coldness as arrogance. Communication should be based on reasonable arguments, not on emotions, then the relationship will remain warm and friendly for a long time.

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