SynonymsMianna, Mianne, Myana, Myane, Myanne, Myanna

The name Miana has Arabic roots. This name was borne by the middle child in the family, therefore the name is interpreted as “average”, sometimes the translation is “balanced”. The name Miana is the female form of the male name Mian.

There is also an American name Myanna, which can be spelled differently - Miana, Mianna, Mianne, Myana, Myane, Myanne. It is a combination of the Chinese name Mei and the Christian name Anna, interpreted as “seeker”.

In everyday life, you can hear the name Miana as an affectionate appeal to the name Mia.

The owner of the Miana name is determined and energetic. He knows how to control himself well, exudes strength, calmness and solidity. In fact, this is a strict, ambitious and powerful girl. She is active and hardworking, quite capable of taking responsibility.

The owner of the name Miana feels comfortable only when she is completely occupied with the business that she considers necessary. She knows how to effectively organize herself and the necessary assistants. Its practicality, hard work, perfectionism and a realistic outlook on things help to competently manage, organize and administer. She has an analytical mind, she is bold and adventurous.

Miana fears injustice and is capable of violent reactions when she suspects injustice. She can flare up, is not always very tolerant, even if she tries to be open and conciliatory. She has a wonderful sense of friendship, and not addressing her is in vain, Miana is a generous and very helpful friend. She knows how to listen carefully and give sound advice.

This young girl is active and proactive. Eager to please, she will put in a lot of effort to be in harmony with her parents. Miana hates arguments and aggressiveness, she really needs peace and harmony. She is much more emotional and sensitive than she seems, and often hides her tenderness behind a certain harshness.

Miana loves to work in a team. She needs an emotional environment, as well as safety, in order to show herself to the maximum. She is often sensitive to beauty, aesthetics, art and greatly values her personal life. However, there is nothing simple for her in emotional matters: Miana is extremely demanding, therefore she often faces the problem of choice.

Despite the fact that Miana is very concerned about her personal life and finding the perfect life partner, she nonetheless values her professional career highly. She is especially attracted to professions related to money (banking, management, accounting), professions of a consultant or teacher, professions that require thoroughness or precision, or teamwork. She also considers artistic and aesthetic careers.

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