SynonymsFrank, Franz, Francisco, Francesco, François, Franco, Frans, Franklin, Frankie, Franky, Fritz
DiminutiveFran, Frank, Frankie, Franny

The name Francis has Latin roots, comes from Franciscus, meaning “Frank”, “Frenchman”. The original name of Saint Francis of Assisi was Francesco (he is Italian by origin). This name first appeared in the 12th century. It was given to a boy who was born in the family of an Italian merchant who became rich in trade with France.

The name Francis is also interpreted as “free man”. In European countries, the analogues of the name Francis will be the names – Frank, Franz, Francisco, Francesco, François, Franco, Frans, Franklin, Frankie, Franky, Fritz. The paired female name is Frances.

The owner of the name Francis is a rather contradictory person. His behavior can be very different. Sometimes it behaves like an egoist, showing its independence and activity, then it manifests itself as a very dependent and sensitive man. It is quite difficult to understand in what state Franz will be in the next moment. Expecting him to be resolute, you can run into vulnerability and doubt.

Francis will be able to prove himself, especially if he internally strives for high ideals. He does not show his shortcomings, carefully masks them. Benevolence towards other people allows him to make a lot of friends, and intuition and imagination help strengthen relationships, orient him towards cooperation and partnership. This is a sociable young man, sympathetic, appreciates friendship, but hardly tolerates resentment, jealousy or anger. The slightest failure can throw him off balance.

Francis really wants to be a leader, to dominate, to be in demand. Therefore, he is especially strongly attached to the external manifestations of prestige and authority. He will emphasize his nobility, pay attention to his own ideals, impose his ideas and tastes, strive to be admired.

Professionally, he will be attracted, first of all, to free professions, those where he is his own boss, and the hierarchy creates problems for him. He can show the independence of his position in art (actor, artist, writer, jeweler), or organize his own business, while the sphere can be completely different - pedagogy, counseling, psychology, medicine.

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