The name Mars is of Roman origin. In Roman mythology, Mars is one of the oldest gods, part of the triad of gods who originally headed the Roman pantheon. Mars was the god of fertility (agriculture) and could influence the harvest or the death of livestock. Later he was identified with the Greek god Ares, the god of war, so Mars also became the god of war.

Therefore, most often the name Mars is interpreted as “militant”. But there is also another meaning of the name - “male” - in the understanding, the one who is “man ”, “defender”, “strong”, because Mars was the father of Romulus and Remus, the ancestor and guardian of Rome.

The fourth planet of the Solar System was named after the god Mars, and in many Romance languages Tuesday is also named after him.

Despite the unusual nature of this name, the name Mars is also found among Muslims.

Quite often, the name Mars is used as a pseudonym not only by men, but also by women.

The owner of the name Mars is an enterprising nature, refusing restrictions. This man has a sharp mind, he is thoughtful, moderately restrained. All these features are perfectly combined in this personality, Mars becomes a convinced activist of the cause that he intended to carry out. Mystery and distrust are integral features of his character, he determines his choice by intellectual or spiritual closeness, and sometimes by a very developed intuition. This does not prevent him from looking at the world skeptically and rationally.

Mars adapts well, is curious, skillfully and quickly uses any opportunities, loves discovery and travel. But his impulsiveness does not give him rest, he loves speed, he is drawn to dangerous sports, so various incidents, injuries or accidents are not very rare guests in his life.

As a child, little Mars shows his intellectual abilities, he loves to read science fiction, books on astronomy, astrology. He can be called a naughty, athletic and brave boy.

Mars is interested in anything that is unorthodox, weird, unusual, weird or modern. But he especially appreciates peace and quiet. He needs a refuge for his intellectual or metaphysical reflections. On the other hand, the owner of the name Mars is a great enthusiast, but hardly knows how to express his feelings. Either because he is paralyzed by some kind of shyness, or because he is a man of action, and not a fan of oratorical duels.

In a career, Mars can choose two main directions, characterized by great duality. The first is the various professions in which the use of the mind prevails and which require long–term training, which he will be able to conduct if he has motivation (engineer, inventor, computer scientist, medical or paramedic specialty, technician). The second direction is professions related to travel, sports, adventures, sales, advertising, where at least to some extent you can feel the risk.

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