OriginLatin, Slavic
SynonymsMiles, Myles, Milo, Milen
DiminutiveMijo, Milenko, Milo

The name Milan is a multinational name. It is found in various countries and cultures, but everywhere it has different versions of origin. The stress in the name can occur on any vowel.

According to the first version, the name Milan has Slavic origin. It appeared from two-part Slavic male names that have the root “mil“ in their composition, such as Miloslav, Milomir, Milodar, etc. And, in this context, is paired with the female name Milan. The name Milan is popular in the Czech Republic, Serbia, Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria. Milan's name day in the Czech Republic is June 18, in Slovakia - November 27, in Hungary - May 19.

According to the second version, the name Milan has Latin roots, comes from μύλη (myle) meaning “mill“. That was the name of the king of Laconia in Greek mythology. He was considered the inventor of millstones for grinding grain (mills), called “miles“ (μλλος). Therefore, he was popularly nicknamed “the miller“. In this variant, the name Milan is related to the name Miles (Myles, Milo). In Italy, the name is quite popular, interpreted as “a resident of the north“. It is possible that the name Milan appeared as a diminutive of the name Emilian.

It should also be noted that the name Milan coincides with the general name of Hindi, which comes from Sanskrit and means “together, community, union“.

Milan is a popular male name in Central European countries. It is gaining popularity in the United States, moved to the list of the 500 most popular male names.The owner of the name Milan is distinguished by seriousness, charm, and a desire to prove himself. He stands out for his desire for leadership, knows exactly what he wants, and with his charm, cunning and gift of persuasion can direct you where he wants.

Milan definitely has a personality, and he intends to become famous. His pride and vanity make him independent and original, push him to search for ease, pleasure and fun, without losing sight of the concept of work, giving, because pride obliges! Therefore, he will need to find a profession that will bring him all the pleasures.

Despite the external lightness and superficial attitude to some areas, Milan is very effective as an employee, because motivation is certainly a key condition for him. If he manages to realize his often grandiose aspirations, then he will be able to fully express himself and show himself to the world.As a child, Milan is quite an active, intelligent, insightful boy, with a certain sense of humor, but his will to power is already felt, which causes various small conflicts. In such cases, he may show bad faith to save face. Quite egocentric and proud, so the camaraderie in him needs to be developed constantly.

First of all, Milan likes to please, express himself and dominate. He wants to be the one, the only, the leader. In love with beauty and harmony, this man may be an aesthete interested in art and creativity in general. When it comes to personal relationships with the opposite sex, he can wreak havoc because he has an insane charm. He has the ability to speak, but he knows how to be strict.

The owner of the name Milan can find his vocation in different professions. He may be interested in creative professions (aesthetics, art, fashion) or professions related to writing (journalism, publishing, teaching). He will be more willing to focus on the exact sciences. In any case, Milan will be all the more effective if it is passionate about its business and strives to grow slowly but surely, demonstrating adaptability, know-how and patience.

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