SynonymsNoova, Novah, Novalee, Novaleigh, Novalynn

The name Nova is of Latin origin and literally means “new”. It is used by both women and men (more often as a middle name).

The name Nova suddenly appeared in the USA names rating in 2011 at the 886 position. Before that its last mention was noted only in 1938. In ten years the name has reached the 32nd position of the rating of popular names in the United States, and this is a huge leap. This name is also found in Finland, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden.

The owner of the name Nova has character traits more often attributed to men than to women – imperiousness, masculinity and energy. Quite egocentric, she is primarily concerned with herself and her self-assertion. Competently occupying her time, Nova develops intelligence, learns various sciences, and critical thinking allows her to comprehensively analyze information and use it correctly for her own purposes.

Nova attaches great importance to the material side of life. She is a determined, impetuous and impatient woman who knows well what she wants. Thanks to her dynamism, sense of expediency and personal charm, he usually achieves her goals. Unfortunately she is not characterized by flexibility and softness; she is straightforward but never forgets about justice.

As a child, little Nova admires her parents, especially her father, and can't stand their weaknesses. Her dream is to shine, to be an example for others, to rise to reach the top. And she is ready to make all the necessary efforts for this.

In a personal relationship, Nova will admire her partner. First of all she will take into account his social status or at least intelligence. But since her deep nature is to dominate, it will not be easy for her to admire her chosen one and lead this union at the same time. Nova will spare no effort to solve such a difficult task.

The owner of the Nova name is attracted to professions related to management and finance (management, banking). Any independent activity is good for her. She can open her own business or easily find her vocation as a creative person (actress, singer or artist).

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