The name Samina comes from the Arabic ثمينة and means “dear”, “precious”, “beloved”. Less often the name is interpreted as “healthy”. The paired male name is Samin.

The owner of the name Samina is a calm, secretive and balanced person. She keeps her emotions under control. This restraint allows her to avoid various troubles. The girl strives to solve any problems that arise alone.

This patient, focused and purposeful girl intuitively feels that time is working for her. Samina performs her work in a measured and unhurried manner. This slowness can delay a girl in social or professional realization.

The owner of the name Samina is an intellectual with both an analytical and philosophical mindset. This character trait helps the girl to find a common language with different people, so Samina prefers to work in large teams. She is a girl with high moral standards and a firm life position. She can be trusted.As a child, she is a quiet and secretive girl who avoids communication. It would be advisable to encourage Samina as she always doubts her abilities. She loves tranquility, simplicity, animals and nature.

Sentimentally she is a shy girl. When she loves someone it is very difficult for her to make the first step, so she waits until her sympathy is guessed. Samina is a faithful spouse, a reliable companion and a good mother of the family, aware of her duties and responsibilities.

Her abilities and character traits often lead Samina into the profession of a scientific and technical warehouse (anthropologist, historian, process engineer or biologist). Love of nature can help her make a career in the environmental field, and the ability to perform monotonous activities efficiently contributes to success in the field of administration.

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