SynonymsKhaled, Khaleed

The name Khalid has Arabic roots, comes from the Arabic خلد («halada»), which literally means «to last forever», therefore the name is translated as «eternal» or «immortal». An accent in the name can be on any syllable.

The owner of the name Khalid is a strong personality. He is active, always bursting with energy, very dynamic and bold, and his temperament can be called passionate. This man is capable of rapid adaptation, and although he is malleable in appearance, in fact he knows how to defend his rights and his ideas, often in a soft form, but if necessary he will show firmness, he will be like an iron hand in a velvet glove.

Khalid's mind is filled with a lot of projects, big ideas, and he still needs to determine what he will be able to implement and what he will not have enough time for. However, any action is his lifestyle, his personal way out of the situation. Since his nervousness does not make him completely protected from emotional shocks, he may suffer from his fate, but his inner pride will not allow him to make his life more comfortable by taking a supporting role. His success and his efforts are stimulated by difficulties.

Khalid's sense of justice is very acute so he reacts violently to any lawlessness. He can be interested in other people or join groups and associations with social or political goals. He is also an intuitive person, although he prefers to demonstrate his logical mindset. He can fluctuate between absolute possessiveness and some certain altruism.

As a child, Khalid is a strong-willed boy, a good student, a hardworking and active one. Sometimes a perfectionism or even manic interest and immersion in one particular area can affect the lag in other areas and result in a lack of discipline in a boy. Group classes should be encouraged, which will help develop a sense of solidarity in him.

This man is very attached to his family and will make a lot of efforts to maintain good harmony with his loved ones. Khalid is a supporter of peace. He will look for a comfort in a home nest. Relations can be often difficult for him because he strives for perfection. He even risks missing out on happiness without seeing it because of his intransigence.

With such a wide range of opportunities, all roads open up to him in any professional field. Most often Khalid prefers consulting, which is directly or remotely related to sales, tourism, marketing, travel. Creativeness helps him navigate in the field of art, aesthetics, cooking, restaurant business or gastronomy.

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