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The name Nathan means “given”, “donated” (it means that “given by God”) translated from the Hebrew. This name was borne by one of the Old Testament prophets in the Bible.

The name Nathan is almost identical to the name Nathaniel in semantic meaning and has a common root. Nathaniel is interpreted as “God gave”, “gift of God”, “given by God”. Sometimes the name Nathan is used as an diminutive form of Nathaniel. The names Theodore, Theodosius, Matthew have the similar meaning.

The name Nathan is widespread among Jewish and Catholics, less often it is used among other Christians.

A man named Nathan is somewhat secretive and reserved, often shy. However these qualities do not prevent him from striving for self-expression and communication. If necessary he is active, seems cheerful and careless, and does not like any restrictions. An action and changes are necessary for him, he welcomes various changes and adventures. But there is also a somewhat gloomy or pessimistic person in him, inclined to ask himself existential questions and looking for fundamental answers.

Nathan has a quick and sharp analytical mind, but his skepticism often makes him sarcastic or derisive. Nathan’s behavior is often confusing, he may seem eccentric because he does not like walking the same road as others.

As a child he should be brought up with a certain rigor, it is imperative to instill in him the concepts of work and discipline and to correct the aptitude to frivolity. Nathan will often show himself as an impatient, quick-tempered and vain boy but actually this is a cunning and witty child who needs attention and care. Physical and play activities seduce him more than logical inventions, so it would be wise to closely monitor his school work and academic success.

His aspirations take him to action, sport or adventure, and the unknown is especially attractive and stimulating for him. If by chance Nathan is attracted to the field of intellectual research, then, with a high probability, it will be a passion for ethnology, archeology or philosophy, as well as the latest research methods or, perhaps, science fiction.

Nathan loves to have fun and enjoys his life. He usually succeeds in love because he knows how to be charming. But he often feels misunderstood as it is not easy for him to expresses his innermost feelings.

Nathan will often change his professional field as he does not like monotony. Therefore, he prefers professions where his communication skills can be most utilized (sales, trade, advertising, marketing). He is very attracted to any work related to travel, games or sports (commercial director, sports commentator). Speech professions are also suitable for him (actor, comedian, journalist, lawyer, writer).

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