DiminutiveMat, Matt, Mattie, Matty

The name Matthew is of Hebrew origin and means “given by God” or can be also translated as “God’s man” or “God’s gift”. In Europe there are different variations of this name, such as Mathieu, Matteo, Mateus, Mattias, Matvei, and others.

In the Bible one of the 12 apostles who wrote the Gospel was named Matthew. He is considered the patron saint of professions related to money, in the modern world they are mainly bankers and tax officials.

Matthew looks like a rude and unsociable man hiding his feelings and emotions. This man often does things half-way, not trusting himself and his sensations. His hopes and aspirations often make him worried, and he can’t give up hope that somebody will certainly help him. He doesn’t believe in his own strength, which prevents him from making decisions and influencing his life. This man has an ability to completely change his life as long as he believes in his own strength.

Matthew can be brave, assertive, and very successful, although his strong sides can easily turn into disadvantages. Then the man with this name becomes authoritative, vain, impatient, impulsive, and reckless, deaf to everything around him, that’s why it’s possible for him to put the cart before the horse, forgetting about important things and getting involved with minor ones. Such tension may end in a burst of emotions with Matthew saying things he will later regret.

It's very hard for Matthew to find the golden mean, so it’s all or nothing. He’s torn between his naturally tendency towards inner harmony and his willingness to develop his traits and skills that he considers important for himself – manliness, confidence, independence. He wants to look brave and fearless, so he may even become aggressive and take unjustified risks. It’s not surprising that as a result of this inner war, Matthew loses the understanding of his own goals and becomes susceptible to mood swings. However, if he wishes so, he can live all his life in harmony with himself if he can find what’s important for him and set the priorities. Knowing how to steer his energy, Matthew achieves great success, and his rich inner world becomes full of ideas that he will try to implement in his life. Usually this is what determines his future profession and his own way.

In childhood Matthew is more fragile and vulnerable, so his parents have to teach the boy to value himself and live the life of a normal boy, not of a fictional character. His strivings for independence and taking initiative must be encouraged. He should also be introduced to sports. Matthew enjoys communicating, and meeting people is very important for him. Long-distance communication is hard for him as he needs emotional support for self-fulfillment. He wants to satisfy his thirst for knowledge and he isn’t scared by such sciences as psychology, sociology, astrology, or ethnology which help him show his intelligence.

He's happy when he’s in a stable relationship. This man is not a romantic, although he is no stranger to fantasies and unusual approaches in communication. His home is his fort, so he looks for a wife who he can absolutely trust. Matthew can be open and understanding, though sometimes he may seem egoistic or even rude and hard-hearted.

Matthew tries to choose a suitable profession in a field excluding business but underscoring his diligence (management, accounting, banking, economics). You can meet a man with this name in the areas requiring a certain risk (police, military) or with an element of competition (sports). He likes manual work, so he can become a tailor, a shoemaker, a blacksmith, a sculptor, or even a surgeon.

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