DiminutiveJay, Jem, Jemmy, Jim, Jimi, Jimmie, Jimmy, Jae

James is a form of the Hebrew name Jacob meaning “coming on heels”. In the Bible, Jacob had a twin brother Esau, and he was holding his elder brother’s heel when he was born. For all Abrahamic religions, including Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, Jacob is a great saint.

This name has different forms in different countries. It may sound as Jacques in French, Giacomo in Italian, Jaime in Portuguese, or Yakov in Russian. Jacob is a very popular form of this name.

In his childhood James can be rather restless. This man is incredibly clever and calculating, although as an adult he has a difficult disposition. As for his character, he is obviously a choleric person. He can also be cunning and persuasive, but you can never persuade him. James trusts only undeniable facts. Even if he believes you are right, you will never know about it.

If James is born in winter, he has rather explosive and unstable mood. As for an autumn James, he is cunning, farsighted, and values money a lot, so he is interested in entrepreneurship or commerce.

If James is born in summer, he can be characterized by cheerfulness, sympathy, and kindness. He can be thrown off balance, although usually he is calm and even-tempered. A spring James is also cheerful and ambitious. He has a great sense of humor and he’s easy to talk to.

James doesn’t follow anyone’s advice when choosing a profession. He makes his own decision. He can quickly get his bearings in any situation and make the right choice. He enjoys professions that require quick reaction in complicated circumstances. As a result, he can become a politician, a pilot, or a sportsman. He wants his job not to be monotonous – that is the most important thing. James is active and easily adapts to any situation. He is also objective and has great power of intuition. Such men are destined to do something significant.

His path on the career ladder is full of ups and downs. James is ready to do anything to achieve what he wants, sometimes even to use other people to his advantage. At the same time, he is a man of principle. Friendship at work is important for him, and he can’t tolerate betrayal or mean behavior. James is dedicated to what he does and he wants other people to be the same.

His family life is unpredictable, and he can cause panic in his close ones because of his strong emotions. He is easy to love as James is a confident, hospitable, and thoughtful man. He values and loves his family a lot, and the only place where he can find rest is his home. This is a highly intelligent man, and he is always interesting to talk to, although his despotism and stubbornness can sometimes complicate communication with him.

Sometimes he’s too much opinionated when communicating with other people, which can run to extremes. James blames them for not living up to his standards of justice. Remember that his opinion is not always the ultimate truth. James has to learn to be reserved and kind and to forgive others for their weaknesses.

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