SynonymsMitchell, Miguel
DiminutiveMick, Mickey, Micky, Mike, Mikey, Micha, Michel, Michi

The name Michael is translated from old Hebrew as “equal, similar to God”. There is also such a variant of translation as “begged from God”.

The name Michael has different variations around the world. For example, this boy will be called Michel in France, Michael (pronounced “Mikhael”) in Germany, Miguel in Spain and Portugal, Michele in Italy, Mihai in Romania and Hungary, Mikhail in Russia, Mykhailo in Ukraine, and Mihal in Poland and Czech Republic.

Among Catholics, Archangel Michael is considered the patron saint of such countries as Germany and England, such cities as London and Brussels, as well as the Cornwall county and the Italian region Umbria. In Catholic tradition, he is known as a protector of policemen, intelligence and security officers, gunmakers, radiologists, fencers, parachute jumpers, grocers, and emergency paramedics.

The name Michael (and its variations) is one of the most widespread male names in the world. In the USA this name was the most popular name of the 20th century, holding the first place in the top list from 1954 to 1998 (with the exception of 1960, when it was the second most popular name after David). It remained in the top three most popular names every year starting from 1953 for over 50 years.

In childhood Michael is very charming, gentle, eager to be caressed, very good-looking, and so smart that he can use his good looks to get what he wants from his parents. He is attracted to the beauty from early years and is often surrounded by beautiful things and works of art from his birth.

Michael is willing to please everyone and live in harmony with other people. Sensations are very important for him. He carefully chooses everything in his life, whether it be clothes, books, or profession. Moreover, Michael is a great friend, very approachable, generous, and hospitable. He can easily share anything with friends.

Michael is especially sensitive to esthetics, beauty, and art. Sometimes he can be narcissistic or just handsome, he wants to achieve perfection, even maniacally so, focusing his attention on some small details necessary for him. The men with this name are extraverts, they are sociable, but are often influenced by other people, especially their family and close ones. Nevertheless, they are active and they continue to work even if the pace of work is unbalanced. Usually they are devoted to achieving their goal.

Michael is always looking for his other half. Family is the top priority for people with this name, they are very thoughtful. Michael often becomes a doctor, a lawyer, or a teacher as he feels he can be useful to other people, although occasionally he can become a high executive.

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