SynonymsEitan, Eytan

The name Ethan is derived from old Hebrew name Eitan meaning “constancy” and “invariability”. It can also be translated from Hebrew as “firm”, “solid”, “durable”, or “strong”. There are several characters named Ethan in the Old Testament. The name may have various spelling and pronunciation: Efam, Efan, Aitan, Etan, Efan, Ethen, or Eitan. Today this name is widely used among the Americans.

Ethan possesses certain magnetism, there is some strength emanating from him. He is brave and assertive, although he is also rather suspicious. This is definitely the result of his shyness and emotional fragility which influence his mood and enthusiasm. Such inner state can sometimes lead to angry outbursts if Ethan doesn’t feel he was completely understood.

Ethan becomes a friendly, affectionate, and lovely person with people he thinks he can trust. He is an ambitious young man, not indifferent to material values and comfort. He is especially effective and capable of being a great diplomat when he feels motivated while in other circumstances he may lack tact and patience.

A man with the name Ethan is confident and even self-confident to a certain degree. His energy, immediacy, his realistic and practical approach are highly valuable assets! Still, he remains quite impatient and irritable and sometimes even opportunistic as he wants to achieve success in something and to prove his strength. At the same time, Ethan is a rather proud and vain man who hates flattery and deception and who has a strong sense of justice.Sometimes he can be torn between his wishes and his principles. Born to be responsible, he is capable of assuming responsibility, both in his family and professional field.

In childhood Ethan is attached to his family. He is a sensible and responsible child from the early age, and his parents know they can trust him. Ethan is a conscientious person and a perfectionist, he has superior intelligence so he is inclined to continue his education until he chooses to. However, his well-being and development still depend a lot on the harmony in his family and his personal life. Any shock in his family can be a turning point in his life. Ethan can react in two different ways: either he will feel too involved and begin to take care of others, or he will try to hide from his duties.

Ethan is willing to please people, he looks for peace and harmony. He loves perfection and he is sensitive to beauty, esthetics, and comfort. Sometimes he can be very indecisive and have inflated demands to himself and other people. He is attentive to small things and details. When it comes to love, he turns into a passionate and attractive man capable of fierce jealousy. Ethan is a sincere and loyal partner, and if a woman cheats on him it will be a big trouble. To forgive her infidelity is almost impossible for him, it’s like going into open space without a spacesuit. Either he will have the courage to do that and succeed or he won’t even risk it.

In his professional field Ethan prefers to be independent. That’s why he chooses creative professions (actor, director, artist) or professions related to finance, management, or consulting. His desire for justice and involvement can turn him into a judge or doctor.

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