The name Gore is of English origin, comes from a surname related to the territory where the person originally lived. In Old English, “gara” meant a triangular piece of land, and on this basis, a surname meaning “triangular” appeared. Later the surname was used as a first name.

This version is confirmed by the use of the word “gore” in English, where it is used to refer to a triangular or tapering piece of material used to make clothes, a sail or an umbrella.

There is a second meaning of the word “gore” in English – “blood”, “bloodshed”. It is possible that the second version is related to the Dutch “goor”, meaning “rude”.

The owner of the name Gore is friendly and sociable. Outwardly attractive, as he pays attention to his appearance, as a rule, adheres to a certain style, creates an image for himself, cares very much about what impression and influence he makes on others. This man is very flexible and dexterous in communication, adaptable, has some verbal ease, it is a pleasure for him both to play with words and to remain unnoticed.

If he sometimes shows himself to be overbearing, arrogant and short-tempered, this is done in order to hide his insecurity or obsessive shyness. His activity depends on his mood. Two personalities get along in it, one of which is active, independent, domineering, enterprising, purposeful, ambitious and strong-willed, and the second is passive, dependent, prone to emotions, based on intuition.

As a child, Gore largely depends on his emotional environment: he gives the maximum of himself when he feels supported. Unsympathetic teachers can cause him to do poorly in this subject. Fortunately, Gore is very attentive, energetic and gifted, especially with regard to foreign languages, the study of which it would be wise to include in his curriculum as early as possible. It will be necessary to monitor his curiosity, which encourages him to undertake several cases at once and not finish any of them.

He loves society very much, communication with friends, which occupies a large place in his life, and as a result, he is always attracted to group or team activities. From the point of view of sentimentality, this is a gentle and affectionate being who does not want to remain alone, he needs the warmth and understanding of a couple. Horus shows himself to be friendly, subtle, sensitive in his emotional relationships. As he reaches maturity, he will most often turn out to be a responsible, understanding person, as well as an excellent family man.

Professionally, Gore will prefer business or communication professions in which self-expression and the art of persuasion are crucial (politician, writer, diplomat). As well as independent professions practiced in partnership, such as consulting activities, creative team (ensemble, film crew), sports team, working with people.

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