SynonymsOaklyn, Oaklynn, Oaklee, Oaklea, Oaklei, Oakleigh, Oakli, Oaklie, Oakliegh, Oaklan, Oaklen, Oaklin, Oaklinn

Oakley is a name of English origin. It appeared quite recently from a consonant surname formed on a territorial (geographical) basis and meaning something close to the toponym “oak grove”.

The name is so young that there is not yet a single truly famous person - its owner. Only people with the surname Oakley have become popular, and we have included them in the list of famous people on this page.

The name is most often used among the English-speaking population and being used for both boys and girls. In recent years its popularity in the United States has grown significantly: since 2011, the name has risen from 996th place to 403rd in the ranking of male names. But among women, the growth of its popularity is simply dizzying: having appeared only in 2013 on the 928th place, by the end of 2021 this name already occupies the 193rd line of the rating. We can safely say that in the next five years, the name will enter the hundred most popular names for girls in the United States. Undoubtedly, interest in this name will also increase in other countries, especially for newborn girls.

The owner of the name Oakley gives the impression of a person with power and authority. She was created to lead and command. This is a practical lady with a truly enterprising and active character, intelligence is one of her main trump cards. She is brave, loves to fight for the reasons or principles facing her. She is often pleased with herself, has great energy, and this is expressed in sharpness, impatience or irritability. Therefore, she is tempted by any physical exercise, because it is a great outlet for the emotions that overwhelm her.

Oakley is a self-sufficient person, she obeys the authority of others with great difficulty. She does not like hierarchy, especially since she has a certain spirit of contradiction. In her opinion, the value does not depend on age, and merit is recognized not in the degree of seniority or rank, but in individual effectiveness, which is measured by specific achievements. This directness of views and frank behavior bring her some rivalry or conflicts that she is looking for, consciously or unconsciously.

The material sphere is important for her and she never loses sight of the concept of profit. Oakley can turn out to be a great businessman or a good manager, instinctively feeling that he can make a profit.

As a child, Oakley cannot be called either an obedient, flexible, or patient child. She knows how to behave differently, depending on the circumstances. Sometimes receptive, sometimes hot-tempered, but deep down she is a gentle, sensitive and very emotional child. It is necessary to introduce her to sports from an early age.

If Oakley is attracted to action, then she also feels the need for movement. This can lead to a love of travel, both literally and figuratively. She will be happy to travel to various countries with a suitcase, but the love of painting, poetry, music is one of the manifestations of her spiritual travels. Her soul is in love with the wonderful and magical, and she is always fascinated by something strange, fantastic, sci-fi. In personal relationships, Oakley seeks to escape from love, her ideas about relationships are a mixture of idealism, romanticism and demanding, intolerance, sharpness. She has a possessive and jealous approach to the chosen one.

In the professional field, Oakley can choose several types of directions. These may be professions related to business (banking, management, accounting, auditing or entrepreneurship), or related to metallurgy, mechanics (various types of industry). Professions related to the government and a clear organization are also close and understandable to it (police, army, firefighter, politics or law).

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