SynonymsKhloe, Cloe, Kloe

The name Chloe has ancient Greek roots, but there are different versions of its origin. According to the first one, the name Chloe is derived from ancient Greek “Khloē” meaning “young green shoot”. That’s why the name Chloe, “verdant”, was one of the epithets of Demeter, the goddess of the harvest and agriculture. In this context the name Chloe has a modern interpretation “blooming”.

According to the second version, the name Chloe is derived from the name of a Greek mythology character, Chloride (Chloris), which, in its turn, is formed from “khlōros”, meaning "pale green, greenish-yellow, leaf-green". In Roman mythology, the name Chloride corresponds to the name Flora.

The name Chloe can be pronounced differently: “Hlow-ee”, “Klow-ya”, or “Klow-ee”. Most often, the name Chloe is used in England, France, Italy, and the USA. The name Chloe is not mentioned in the catholic calendar.

Chloe is a very sociable and open person. She is attractive and rather charming. Chloe is a representative of conscious women. This shows in everything, including her appearance, choice of clothes, and lifestyle. She is always elegant and exquisite, but she doesn’t become unchanging.

Chloe is a unique and stunning woman. There is always some kind of a mystery in her. Her appearance is often deceptive and doesn’t correspond to what’s going on inside her soul. Originality is typical of Chloe. She is naturally seductive, but her behavior can make you think she’s an unimportant and shallow person. However, it’s not true. Actually, Chloe puts a lot of time into contemplation and self-analysis. There is such a great contrast between her appearance and her inner world that most people misjudge them.

Chloe can assume responsibility for both family and professional duties. She tries to be perfect in everything, and she gets very upset when she sees that something goes wrong and she has to admit that she can’t be ideal in everything. Chloe is often too nervous, which shows at once in her behavior and restlessness. In such moments Chloe can act impulsively, and her actions are driven by emotions, feelings, or curiosity. At other times, Chloe relies more on her reason when making a decision.

In her relationships Chloe also seeks perfection. The choice of husband is extremely difficult for her as she is very demanding. Sometimes she is so indecisive that she can’t make a choice. She is afraid of becoming attached to a person who is different from her ideal. If she does find a suitable partner, family becomes the first priority for her.

Still, Chloe often faces difficulties in her family life. Family circle is the center of her existence. She can do anything for her close ones, and Chloe suffers a lot if there is any disbalance in the family. Chloe often takes power into her hands and takes firm steps towards improvement of her family life. On the one hand, her efforts are rewarding, but on the other hand, such order of things leads to significant limitations. The more she strives for perfection, the worse these limitations are. Chloe values the feeling of safety and comfort.

A woman with the name Chloe is very active, and she can wholly devote herself to achieving her goals. If she doesn’t do it, it’s likely that she will hesitate a lot or become self-satisfied and lazy. Chloe needs a lot of love, she avoids aggression and violence. As a result, Chloe often becomes a peacemaker trying to maintain peace and harmony around her or changes her circle of friends to a more suitable one.

Chloe shows artistic skills from childhood. She likes sewing, dancing, and music. This girl values her freedom and independence a lot. She’s attracted to unknown and new things. Chloe often travels, she loves changing something in her life. This way, she shows all her passion and stubbornness.

Alternatively, Chloe devotes herself to work, especially if her job involves travelling. Chloe often chooses professions related to representation or journalism. She is also interested in a career in the field of beauty, art, or gastronomy and professions that involve supporting and helping others.

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