OriginEnglish, Greek
SynonymsNik, Niek, Nike, Nicky, Nic, Nico, Niko

The name Nick was originally an affectionate appeal to the male name Nicholas and some other names (Nicodemus, Nikita, Nicephorus, Nils). This name means “winner”. There is a female name “Nick” that written as Nike, Niek.

The name Nick has become independent thanks to the United States. At the beginning of the twentieth century there was a large flow of emigrants from the USSR, many tried to adapt to the new conditions, so they transformed their names so that they became convenient for pronunciation – short and similar to American ones. Subsequently, the name was fixed as an independent. This trend was supported by European countries.

The Muslims name Nick (نیک) translates from the Persian language as “good”.

The owner of the name Nick is endowed with a certain aristocracy, sophistication. He loves to brag, enjoys the admiration for him. This man really wants to be an example to everyone else, so he carefully refers to everything with which he is associated.

This is a strong-willed, disciplined and ambitious man. His insights are often surprised, but he may fall prey to his pride, arrogance and self-centeredness. In general, he is a sociable man, capable of great generosity. He behaves easily and naturally, more often appears in public as a pretty and pleasant young man in communication, extremely sensitive to the interlocutor.

Nick really truly cares about others. It is very good if he has brothers and sisters, otherwise the boy can quickly come to the conclusion that the world revolves around him. It is important to encourage any activity in groups, which allows developing a sense of solidarity from childhood. It also helps Nick to improve the art of communication, he has a penchant for languages, he is often interested in various fields, and this interest should be encouraged.The owner of the name Nick is esthetic, idealistic and often takes part in humanistic, artistic or social movements. He is often attracted to contacts with the public, he is passionate about traveling.

In love, he is quite demanding. Nick should be able to admire his passion, which should look better than himself. This is a perfectionist who respects the family, his foundations are exemplary moral character. The wife of this man will be able to trust him unconditionally. His ingenuity, tact, thoughtfulness and sensitivity contribute to the replenishment of Nick’s authoritarian attitude towards his chosen one.

Art and creativity are the main occupation that attracts Nick (theater, literature, painting, decoration, architecture, jewelry, rare craft professions). The professions and occupations associated with responsibility or with the law, justice, politics, health care are equally attractive to him. They will also be able to realize their potential, thanks to a career in broadcasting or in connection with travel.

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