The name Assol was originally a fictitious name which gained popularity after the film adaptation of Alexander Grin’s novel “Scarlet Sails”. Later it began to be used as a name for newborn girls. Assol is a rare example of a romantic name that has become a nominal name that emphasizes faith in love and in a dream.

There is no information in Grin’s memoirs about what the name means or how it was coined. Nevertheless fans of the writer’s work put forward various versions. According to one of them, the name was accidentally born while visiting a restaurant. According to another one, the name comes from the Spanish “al sol” which literally means “in the sun”.

The owner of the name Assol is fragile and dreamy. She is very sensitive so sometimes she gives the impression of a person floating in the clouds. Her character is confusing because she can be both very reserved and overly talkative. She can only talk for a long time about what is in her thoughts and in her heart.

She is a kind and sympathetic girl that not afraids of life's difficulties, hardworking and not a mercantile at all. Assol is full of enthusiasm, good thoughts and believes in a successful outcome of any case. Solving any issues the girl shows a creative and extraordinary approach.

As a child, she is a cheerful girl who requires a lot of affection and attention to herself. She is not independent, easily plunges into sweet dreams and forgets about reality. It is necessary to keep a close eye on Assol because discipline and order are not her strengths.

Assol is an unpretentious girl. She does not need special comfort, food or shelter, the only thing that Assol will never tolerate is neglect or ridicule of her fantasies and visions of the world. She loves communication however she can be impulsive and even impatient sometimes. Assol likes to travel and discover the world, but will be more willing to do it in company than alone.

In love, this girl is impetuous and full of sudden changes, she is not made for a well-organized or too traditional life. Assol loves all the unusual and unexpected, and considers any routine his enemy. To get her attention one’s should surprise her.

The profession that Assol chooses often depends on circumstances, emotional connections or the influence of parents, friends, or even a momentary impulse. However, the professions related to communication and travel will seem the closest and most suitable to her.

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