OriginHebrew, Japanese, Arabic
SynonymsAja, Aija, Ayah, Ayana, Ayame

The name Aya is found in various cultural and linguistic groups. Most often among Asian women – in Japan, Korea, China, but also this name is used among Muslims, Jews, Buddhists and even African women.

Depending on the writing of the hieroglyph, the name Aya can have different meanings, but they all echo the concept of “beautiful“, “colorful“, “creative“, and there are also possible interpretations of “arrow“, “order“, “weaving“.

From the Arabic language, the name Aya is interpreted as “wonderful“, “amazing“, “miracle“, “sign“, “testimony“. In Mongolian and Turkish, it is also translated as “music“, “melody“, “good“.

From Hebrew, Aya is interpreted as “bird“ or “fly fast“.

In Urdu, the word “aya“ refers to female workers in the health care system, often when referring to a nurse. In Pakistan, it is used to refer to workers and employees of children’s centers and kindergartens. Therefore, “aya“ is often interpreted in the sense of “mother“, “bee“, “care“. In Nepal, it means “mother“ or “grandmother“.

In Afrikaans (one of the Germanic languages), which is used in Namibia and South Africa, “aya“ is interpreted as “fern“. The fern is a symbol of endurance and resourcefulness.

Also, Aya is an affectionate reference to some names (Ayana, Ayame and others).

The owner of the name Aya is a very determined woman. Her vision of life and people is very specific. On the one hand, there are those who like her, and with them she is charming, responsive, playful. On the other hand, there are those who do not like her, she shows them her dissatisfaction, prefers to ignore them to the maximum.

Her behavior can sometimes be confusing, especially when in society she looks sociable, joking, then you can easily believe that this is a superficial person. However, this is not the case. Aya is a principled, direct and outspoken woman who, despite everything, remains suspicious, cautious and firm in her feelings and preferences.

Aya has a sense of responsibility and duty, is very persistent and stubborn. Moreover, she does not even allow bad thoughts to overcome herself, keeps on positive and pays enough attention to her health. The girl Aya has a great capacity for work, spends a lot of effort on active actions, strives to show initiative, often prefers an authoritarian and rigid approach.

As a child, Aya adheres to discipline, pays much attention to her school studies. She is always proud of her achievements, strives to take first places in Olympiads or competitions. Always thinks logically, is picky to herself, does not postpone the things that can be done today.

Aya loves order, tradition, honesty and strives for stability. But she also likes to express herself, seduce, socialize and relax with friends. She appreciates nature, animals and is sensitive to beauty. In love, this is a faithful woman, in the family - a good housewife.

The owner of this name prefers professions that require communication (teaching, consulting, entrepreneurship). Administrative work, professions related to land, animals, or requiring precision and painstaking work will also appeal to her. The creative field has always attracted her. She can become an actress, singer, artist or writer.

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