SynonymsFelicite, Felicita, Felicyta, Felicitas, Felizitas, Felicidad, Felicidade
DiminutiveFely, Feli, Fe, Lissie, Fliss, Zita, Flick

The name Felicity comes from the Latin “felicitas”, means “happy”, “happiness”, also translated as “bliss”. The name Felicity is used in many countries along with the Felicia option. It is considered as a related name, not an analogue for the name Felicia.

The name Felicity can be written as Felizitas (Germany), Felicidad (Spain), Felicidade (Portugal), Felicite (France), Felicita (Italy), Felicyta (Poland).Short name Zita is the Hungarian version of the name Felicity that is used both as a full and as a diminutive name.

Felicitas of Rome is venerated as the patroness of widows, she is addressed to be healed of infertility and save a health of a child.

Although the owner of the name Felicity is a hypersensitive and emotional woman, at the first meeting she does not make such an impression. This is a strong personality, energetic, a bit authoritarian and ambitious, easily expresses and, sometimes, even imposes his point of view, while her egocentric personality is not always appreciated by others.

Felicity prefers to be noticeable and assertive, although sometimes she can be shy and restrained. It’s possible that this behavior is just a facade designed to make friends and influence people.

As a child, she seeks protection and communication. She can be called a little tyrant who loves to lead others. Jealous, capricious, owner – the girl’s raising will definitely not be easy, but a harmonious family life and affection are necessary for her development. But independence, courage and a sense of duty - these are some of her best virtues in life, manifested from a very young age.

Sensitive to the external signs of wealth, she values everything beautiful in life: beautiful objects, luxury and money. Felicity, indeed, can be quite pretentious at times. She hates mediocrity and has contempt for those whom she considers lazy or weak-willed. This girl especially appreciates frankness, sincerity and straightforward in conversations and expects the same from others.

Felicity can’t be called diplomatic and patient, so emotional and professional communication is unlikely to become her strengths. Most likely she will find her vocation among independent professions, where she is able to lead the process and be responsible for its entirety (management, finance, banking, business in any field, actress). In addition, the owner of this name also seeks professions related to power (politics, police, military affairs), less often she may be interested in psychology or counseling.

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