The name Simba is an African male name, translated from the Swahili language means “lion“. The semantic analogs will be the names - Lev, Leon, Leys, Aslan, Arslan, Arye.

A unique case, but this name was given to a girl! This is how the Russian singer Nyusha named her daughter. Now you can affectionately call her Leona (Lyona), and Aria, and Ruslana, because these female names can also be interpreted as “lioness“.

It is possible that over time the name Simba will become a female name, as happened with the originally male names Rimma and Inna, which later became exclusively female.

The owner of the name Simba is a strong personality, knows how to influence others. Active, energetic, dynamic and bold are its main advantages. He is able to adapt, to defend his rights and his ideas, not only gently, but also, if necessary, very firmly.

This man always has several projects in his work, big ideas are being considered, and he can put everything into practice. A very large load affects his emotional state. But Simba doesn’t like living at a less hectic pace. Difficulties and difficulties only stimulate its activity.

Simba has a very keen sense of justice, he reacts violently to all lawlessness. He likes to communicate, so he is always in groups that have social or political goals. Simba has intuition, prefers to show his logical mind.

As a child, Simba is a good student, because he is hardworking and active. Sometimes he becomes a perfectionist in one particular area, and in other areas he is paradoxically undisciplined.

He is very attached to his family and will make a lot of effort to maintain a harmonious relationship with loved ones. His love of aesthetics makes him interested in art. Simba will look for comfort in the family nest.

In love, he often has a hard time, because he is looking for perfection. In addition, because of his intransigence, Simba can miss out on happiness without seeing it. Managing and meticulous, imbued with great principles, he does not always see happiness where it is, and risks losing the found passion, thinking about finding a rare pearl.

With such a wide range of opportunities, this man is given various career options. Consulting, sales, tourism, marketing, creative areas (aesthetics, cooking, gastronomy) - everywhere Simba will be able to achieve success.

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