The name Gor is of Armenian origin and means “fierce”, “cruel”.

Sometimes the Armenian name is recorded as identical to the English Gore, which has a completely different origin.

The owner of the name Gor is an open and confident man. Moderately sociable, friendly, likes to have fun and has a nice personality, is not devoid of some charisma. He adapts easily, so he feels comfortable everywhere, and as a result, he is constantly looking for society. He is a talkative and sociable man who has certain skills of speech and persuasion, and sometimes even some talents of a copycat, especially considering that he is alive, quite perceptive and observant.

Horus is often pleased with himself, he could pass for vain if not for such disarming naivety and sympathy. Curiously, its main drawback is to dissipate, not always delving into the essence of things. Sometimes he shows superficiality, relies too much on his abilities and does not like long-term efforts to achieve the goal, prefers a quick and easy way.

As a child, the boy is somewhat hasty and tends to like games and laughter more than what to do with his studies. Therefore, it is necessary to pay special attention to his training and homework, which he will easily push into the background. But Gore will certainly get the first prize for camaraderie! A rather disorderly, even disorganized, fantasy controls him. In addition, he can easily wander in the clouds and show complacency.

In addition to games, fun, and pleasures, Gore loves to communicate and needs self-expression. He appreciates group activities and is also sensitive to the public. He is a very pleasant sentimental person: gentle, emotional, sensitive and generous, striving to give pleasure. On the other hand, he is not always accurate, is rather disorderly, and can show painful jealousy.

He will be attracted by commercial professions related to contacts with the public. The most preferred areas for him are social, medical, legal, and political. Or Gore will prefer to express himself in creativity (actor, writer, artist, sculptor, cook).

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