The name Nona is of Latin roots. According to the first version, it is formed from “nonus“, meaning “ninth“. Traditionally, it was given to the ninth child, while the boy was called Nonn.

According to the second version, the name Nonna came from “nonnus“, meaning “nun“. This name is not considered widespread, most often found in use in the countries of the former USSR and in Italy. The name Nonna is also identical to the entry Nona.

Nona’s Orthodox name day is August 18. The remaining dates belong to the Catholic calendar.

The owner of the name Nonna is a friendly, responsive and sociable girl. She pays a lot of attention to how she impresses others. It is also important for her to have her own image, as well as the ability to find a common language with others. Nonna is able to adapt, has a certain fluency of speech and expresses herself with the help of the chosen vocabulary, for her it is a pleasure to play with words.

Her certain authoritarianism and arrogance hide the girl’s self-doubt or shyness. In addition, her excessive emotionality can play a cruel joke with her, and the changeability of mood affects the activity and efficiency of work. In Nonna, two hard-to-match personalities can live at the same time, one of which belongs to the male type - activity, dynamism, independence, authoritarianism, enterprise, ambition and waywardness. And the second is the most pronounced female type-passivity, dependence, easy exposure to influence, emotionality, intuition and indecision.

As a child, Nonna’s well-being and development largely depend on her emotional environment: she can show the maximum of her abilities when she feels supported. If the teacher is something unsympathetic to the girl, it can affect her academic performance. Nonna is a versatile, agile and gifted girl, especially with regard to foreign languages, the study of which would be wise to encourage as early as possible. It will be necessary to monitor her curiosity, which makes Nonna simultaneously deal with several things and leads to the fact that nothing is brought to an end.

Nonna loves society, communication with friends, who occupy a large place in her life, loves various group and team activities. In sentimental terms, this is a gentle and affectionate girl who does not like to be alone. It is quite easy to negotiate with her, her insight and sensitivity make her a good psychologist. In addition, after reaching adulthood, Nonna will most often be a responsible and understanding person, as well as an excellent mother.

This multi-faceted girl prefers commercial or communication professions in which expression and the art of persuasion are crucial. Group practices, work in associations, various activities related to creativity, voice, written expression or in connection, close or far, with the field of art – all these professions will be on the shoulder of Nonna.

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