DiminutiveThom, Tom, Tommie, Tommy

The name Thomas is derived from the Aramaic name תאומא (Ta'oma'), meaning “twin” and the English spelling “Thomas” comes from the Greek transliteration Θωμάς. The feminine versions of the name are Thomasina, Tamsin, Tomine, Tammy.

In England this name was introduced by the Normans. It became popular thanks to St. Thomas Becket (Archbishop of Canterbury, 12th century martyr). Since then, the name Thomas has consistently been among the five most common English names for boys from the 13th to the 19th century. Now it is as popular as it was before.

Among Catholics, Thomas Aquinas, a religious philosopher of the XIII century, is especially revered.

Thomas is a balanced but mobile person, confident and sociable. Thomas makes all the decisions slowly, the fuss is not for him. He is a sensitive and creative person who understands people well. Thomas is characterized by a desire for introspection, balance, independence, as well as a certain amount of skepticism about life. He is never in a hurry to make a decision, he is a reasonable and careful person, whose principle of life is «measure seven times – cut once». The owner of this name tries to avoid conflicts and disputes, he does not tolerate boastful and chatty people.

A hard-working and reasonable Thomas will perfectly prove himself in the professions of the scientific sphere, in the field of philosophy and art. Technical specialties are also suitable. In addition, these men often occupy leadership positions or become excellent teachers, as they are sensitive to the psychology of people. Colleagues will respect Thomas because of his friendliness and excellent sense of humor. The success of Thomas' professional career will depend on his ability to plan for the future and analyze the past. For financial or business pursuits, Thomas must have outside support.

In family life, Thomas often experiences setbacks when trying to start a family. Nevertheless, this is a caring, non-confrontational and responsive person. Problems in relationships with loved ones can arise due to insincerity and closeness to others. Thomas is very attractive, he tries to maintain his physical shape and, as a rule, looks young even in mature years.

Thomas loves creative parties, he is sociable and does not mind drinking at the expense of friends. This man never doubts his manhood, always looks good, so he does not lack for female attention.

In communicating with others, Thomas shows himself to be a good-natured and reasonable person. He judges people by their deeds, believing that in life there should be less words, more deeds. To boastful people and inventors, Thomas treats with open hostility. The owner of this name has no desire for leadership, and even more so there is no desire for submission – in society, he keeps calm and independent. In dealing with Thomas, you should not «suck up» and try to get what you want with flattery – this can only spoil the relationship with him.

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