DiminutiveJem, Jemmy, Jere, Jerry, Jez, Jezza

The name Jeremiah is a variation of the old Hebrew name meaning “God will raise”. In the Bible Jeremiah is one of the four major prophets of the Old Testament.

Jeremiah is very reasonable and patient. He knows how to persuade people. On the outside he may seem boring. At the same time, a man with this name is never influenced by public opinion, he is objective and can be vindictive. Jeremiah can be too self-confident on a number of points. There is a storm of feelings hiding under calm appearance.

He has great intuition, good reaction, and high capacity for hard work. When expressing his emotions, Jeremiah can draw concern among his colleagues because of his activity and aggressiveness. As for his work, he’s good at implementing long-term projects. He knows how to manipulate people, which is really helpful in his life. Nobody ranks above this man’s intellectual abilities. He enjoys learning new things. Such people become great politicians, intelligence officers, policemen, and missionaries. They strive for moral freedom and deny any moral standards.

A man with this name has a lot of problems in his family life. He can’t wait and he doesn’t want to. The main life value for Jeremiah is his family and close friends. He is a good father and a loyal friend.

Jeremiah seeks stability in life, he values traditions and always shows himself as a calm and sensible man. He will never put here-and-now profit ahead of his reputation. Jeremiah takes the liberal way of solving problems. He doesn’t employ radical measures to achieve his goals. Jeremiah doesn’t stand out as a leader among his colleagues. He’s a diligent and able employee.

Some people with this name can be self-satisfied and arrogant with others. But on the whole, Jeremiah is very sociable, and he loves communicating. In order to win his respect, you have to always demonstrate resistance.

Jeremiah’s soft and romantic soul hides from the outside world under the guise of practicality. He constantly needs to express himself and exchange ideas with people of the same mind. He’s peaceful and sensitive to all outward factors.

Depending on the situation, he can be talkative and settle any question as an intermediary. This man is rarely deceived by the outward appearance and he’s capable of seeing the true nature of things.

He has a strong sense of self-worth. Jeremiah always wins love and respect of the people around him. Jeremiah is willing to help in hour of need and offers care and support if necessary. Sometimes he can be shy. But at the same time his predatory nature gets the upper hand.

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