SynonymsPinelopi, Penelopa, Penellope
DiminutivePen, Penny, Pene, Nell, Nellie, Nelly, Popi, Poppi, Poppy, Pip, Pippa

The name Penelope came from Greek mythology, it belonged to the wife of the famous Odysseus. Given the age of the name, experts do not have an unambiguous opinion about its origin.

According to one version, the name appeared from the Greek word πηνέλοψ – “teal duck” (this is how various small birds from the genus of ducks are generally called). Penelope got this name as a child when she was rescued by ducks from drowning at sea and brought ashore.

According to another version, the name Penelope comes from the word λέπειν (“to weave”) and literally means “weaver”. There is such an episode in the ancient Greek myth: Penelope, waiting for Odysseus to return for many years, was able to refuse to remarry, citing the need to weave a garment and stretching this work for several years.

The name Penelope has been in use since the 16th century, but it is now becoming increasingly popular in recent years in English-speaking countries – the United States, Great Britain, Australia, Canada and New Zealand. A noticeable interest in the name appeared in the early 2000s and is most likely associated with the worldwide recognition of actress Penelope Cruz.

The owner of the name Penelope is quite secretive and withdrawn. Driven by her own curiosity she can become very sociable and laid-back. She is difficult to understand her so many find this girl somewhat mysterious.

Penelope's non-standard approach to solving various tasks confounds many ones. Penelope knows how to stand out from others but most people will find this behavior too extraordinary.

In childhood a girl may experience a certain feeling of inferiority. Parents should develop their daughter's communication skills and teach her foreign languages. Given the peculiarity of this child's character it is necessary to take into account the periods of rise and fall in Penelope's communication with others. She can undergo various changes: from enthusiasm, intense communication and optimism to a drop in skepticism, pessimism and a desire to withdraw. It is worth teaching her various ways of self-expression (artistic, creative or oral), as well as her passion for theater, dancing, drawing or singing must be supported by her parents.

Thanks to her curiosity, Penelope reveals her inner potential, gets to know a lot and constantly exchanges opinions with others. Her romantic life is not easy because the girl tends to hide her true feelings. She will prefer to be guessed and thus will be disappointed, feeling misunderstood deep down. Penelope will be more attracted to the intellect of the chosen one than his bank account since the material sphere is secondary to her.

Penelope will be most interested in professions in which self-expression, communication and persuasion are the most important elements (sales, public relations and any creative professions).

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