SynonymsPantaleon, Pantaleone, Pandali, Pantelis, Panteley

The name Panteleimon is of Greek origin. It came from the Greek “παντελεαα” (“panteleia”), which means “perfection”, “the highest stage”. This combination was used in ancient Greek mythology as one of the epithets of Zeus.

According to another version, the name Panteleimon is associated with the combination of “all-” and “merciful”. In this case, the name will be interpreted as “all-merciful”, “compassionate”.

The name Panteleimon is used in Russia, In Europe is used as Pantaleon, Pantaleone, Pandali. And it is with a variant of this name, namely with the name Pantaleone, that the appearance of the name of one of the most famous Venetian masks of the Commedia dell'arte – Pantalone is associated in Italy. The name Pantalone/Pantaleone was a landmark for the Venetians, since Saint Pantaleon was widely revered in Venice.

For the name Pantaleon, there is a slightly different interpretation of the name, although it also has a Greek origin. It is believed that the name Pantaleon came from a combination of “πάντες” (pantes), meaning “everything”, and “λωων” (leon), that is, “lion”.

The owner of the name Panteleimon is an observant, secretive and withdrawn man. He has a rather cautious character, which can easily pass for coldness, pride or for showing a certain sense of superiority, when in fact it is pure modesty and shyness. Panteleimon is moderately patient and slow, although endowed with constant determination, and when the goal is close to his heart, he can be very stubborn.

The enemy of the superficial, he does not give his friendship to anyone, but when Panteleimon enters the battle and shows confidence, he loses his “bearish” side and turns out to be a pleasant, faithful companion, and his moral qualities manifest themselves in broad daylight.

As a child, Panteleimon often shows unchildlike wisdom, always calm, although he is not devoid of rare outbursts of anger. The boy is attached to his family to such an extent that he can become a real stay-at-home. The intellectual mindset leads him to gain knowledge, he is not afraid of long studies, and he will read for hours, forgetting about everything that surrounds him. Parents should stimulate his sociability, promote his independence and teach him to communicate so that he is not prone to loneliness. Panteleimon is a responsible boy, parents can rest easy knowing that he will be honest and friendly with his brothers and sisters.

Panteleimon is fascinated by peace, tranquility and nature, he sometimes would like to be Robinson Crusoe and from time to time retire to his deserted island to meditate peacefully. Nevertheless, he is sensitive to the comfort of his cozy little nest. He is attracted by various novelties, he appreciates science fiction, new technologies in various fields, for example, in computer science, astronomy, art or even fashion.

He is a sentimental person, deeply attached to himself. But it will not always be indicative. In his betrothed, first of all, he will see a good interlocutor, ask her to be a good hostess and a good cook, as he is not indifferent to the pleasures at the table, but the main thing for him in the family is peace, security and stability.

Panteleimon is interested in professions related to the earth and nature (geologist, biologist), he can make a scientific, technical or medical career. Professions where precision and thoroughness are required, there is a connection with hygiene or with the house, with taste, with art – all these professions will appeal to Panteleimon.

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