OriginHebrew, Arabic
SynonymsDajan, Daian

The name Dayan is of Arabic origin. Translated means “great judge”, also translated as “lord”.

Translated from Aramaic, the word “dayan” had a broad meaning, and the meaning of “judge” acquired in the Middle Ages. This is the Hebrew name for a judge in a Jewish religious court who hears divorce cases, gives permission for giyur, resets vows, and so on. Therefore, the name Dayan is also interpreted as a “fair teacher”.

There is a different interpretation of the name Dayan in Tatar, Bashkir, Kazakh, Kyrgyz and some other languages of the Turkic group. The name Dayan is translated as “light”, “airy”. And in Yakut – “light”, “nimble”.

Also, Dayan is one of the pronunciation variants of the female name Dayana (Diana).

The owner of the name Dayan is not devoid of a certain charm, but he does not necessarily use it. He prefers to win the attention and trust of other people with reasonable and subtle steps of his judgment than with his innate charm. This is a moderately closed man who, although charming and sociable, does not like to talk about himself and prefers to be closed.

Dayan knows how to be dynamic and decisive. With a great power of persuasion, he is able to command and take the first place. This person has organizational skills and does not like to be a simple performer. His performance is important to him. His mind is practical, but also analytical, but prone to skepticism, criticism and sometimes very caustic remarks. In fact, to protect himself, he adds a touch of humor or irony to his remarks. This man has a well-developed intuition, if he wants to listen to it.

In childhood, Dayan, though an independent child, can even overdo it, which leads him to lock himself in, and as a result, often immersed in reading books. He prefers solitude to unwanted company. It would be right to develop ideas of cooperation in the boy.

Dayan loves peace, study, reflection, analysis, meditation and is often interested in programming. In personal relationships with girls, he is reserved and hides his great sensitivity behind a facade of coldness, which often pushes him away from a potential companion, since he seems insensitive to her.

Nevertheless, Dayan is faithful to his wife, has high moral qualities. Therefore, he is very demanding of his choice, very elitist. If he fails to find a soulmate with whom he can share everything, and which he chooses, in particular, in accordance with a common intellectual, cultural or spiritual closeness, then he will be able to survive loneliness.

Professionally, Dayan may be suitable for scientific or technical specialties, as well as activities related to the avant-garde, fashion or architecture.

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