The name Lisa was originally a diminutive form to the name of Elizabeth. In the future, it also began to be used for the names of Melissa, Louise, Eliza. Most often, the name Lisa is interpreted as “God’s oath“, “promise to God“.

Most often, the name reads as Liza, but there are also options - Lisa. In this case, the name is written in Latin - Liza, Lisa. The pronunciation of the name is possible both through “z” - Liza, and through “s” - Lisa, which is not erroneous. When pronouncing through “c”, the name Lisa is also a short form for the names Alice, Vasilisa.

The name Lisa is currently an independent, independent name. In the 1960s, the name Lisa took first place in the ranking of US names, ahead of Mary in popularity. By the end of the 90s of the XX century, the name ceased to be popular, but continues to be used as a full name not only in the USA, but also in Europe.

The owner of the name Lisa is an independent woman for whom freedom is an integral part of life. This girl always emphasizes her individuality, is hostile to any restrictions, which often results in indiscipline and risk, because she does not think too much about the consequences of her actions. The unknown attracts her more than the ordinary and planned.

It happens that Lisa is proud of herself and her achievements, becomes arrogant, and this behavior is confusing. Her behavior regularly alternates between excitement and despondency, because this girl does not know half measures. Because of her impulsiveness and sensuality, Lisa is strongly attracted to pleasure of all kinds, she cannot stop, and this greed for pleasure often pushes her further than she would like.

The owner of this name is able to negotiate and adapt to the interlocutor in conversation, but only to the extent that it is acceptable to her. Lisa is more often impatient, very active, the internal mechanism forces her to open new horizons. Motivation, ability to mobilize, energy – Lisa’s strengths. She loves to manage, tries to find practical meaning in everything.

As a child, Lisa is more like a little tomboy. She uses her charm, which she does not yet possess in perfection, but already guesses about this opportunity to use it for her own purposes. Playing sports or dancing is perfect for her to channel her energy.

This girl prefers to be the center of the world, to be in demand, and wants to act freely as she pleases. In love, she is the winner: she chooses and directs. She is a jealous tigress, but she is so charming when she purrs. It will be enough for Lisa to find a man who will idolize her and agree to play second fiddle, while remaining the strongest.

Lisa, of course, chooses a unique profession, focusing, to a greater extent, on the variety of occupations and mobility of the profession. Travel, communication with people (advertising, sales, journalism, administrative activities) – a frequent choice of this girl. Sports and creative professions will also be on her shoulder.

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