OriginGreek, Slavic
SynonymsZoe, Zoie, Zoë, Zowie, Zoi, Zoee, Zoya

The name Zoey translated from ancient Greek means “life”. This name corresponds to Eve from the Bible and ancient Slavic goddess Zhiva. The name Zoey doesn’t have a male form.

A woman with this name is mentally resilient and strong-willed. Zoey doesn’t ask much from life taking it for what it is. She doesn’t dream about changing the world or making a fortune as she is totally indifferent to those things. Zoey takes every life twist for granted and tries to learn her lesson from each life situation. She doesn’t like moving from one place to another and changing her environment because the experience of moving is psychologically tiring for her.

Zoey will never build her career by all means. She is a stranger to a competition in career. She takes even a small promotion rather calmly. She usually proves herself to be a good manager in a small, mostly female group of colleagues. She is able to suppress any gossip or intrigues between staff without taking anyone’s side.

Zoey’s abilities can be put to good use in humanities. Her potential can be fulfilled in “live” professions. For example, she would be glad to become a zoologist, a botanist, or a breeder. Even in painting she will find something living so she can become an artist.

Zoey’s personal life is not always lucky. She is an expert of male psychology, and it’s essential to her relationship with men. Zoey is mostly attracted to men who are experienced in life. She wants her partner to be special, her one and only. The choice of future husband is very serious for her, and it takes a lot of time for Zoey to find the right person. In marriage, Zoey tries to respect her husband and to treat him gently and kindly. She’s a great housewife and also a loving wife, mother, and grandmother. Zoey’s marriage is not always happy, but she still tries to stay devoted to her family.

Her intuition always tells her who is a good person and who is a bad one, who is great to talk to and who is not. Zoey can perceive the slightest changes in a person’s mood and “read” their thoughts by their facial expression and voice. Sometimes Zoey can be rather judgmental in her conversations with people, but she can be an interesting and charming interlocutor anyway.

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