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The name Marshall comes from the surname Marshall and is most often found as a surname, but can also be used as a first name. It comes from the Frankish “mare” (“horse”) and “skalcos” (“servant”), interpreted as “keeper of horses”, “servant with horses”. It is also an old Scottish surname meaning “love of horses”.

There is a version that the name Marshal came from the military rank marshal, which comes from the German “marahscalc” – “groom”.

The spelling of the name also has variations - Marshall, Marshal, both entries are identical to each other.

The owner of the name Marshall is friendly and responsive, loves communication. Therefore, he cares about his attractiveness, looks after his appearance and is very concerned about his image and the influence he produces on others. If this man sometimes shows himself to be authoritarian, arrogant and angry, it is only to hide his insecurity or pervasive shyness.

Marshall not only likes to communicate, he knows how to do it with special sophistication. He easily adapts to any conversation, has a certain fluency of speech and expresses himself using such a rich vocabulary that gives him pleasure from playing with words and sometimes, on the contrary, allows him to remain unnoticed.

His mood is unstable, which affects his activity and the effectiveness of his actions. In fact, two irreconcilable tendencies collide in his personality. The first, the male type, is an active, dynamic, independent, authoritarian, enterprising, ambitious and purposeful personality. The second, female type, is a passive, dependent, easily influenced, emotional, intuitive personality. Marshall sometimes brilliantly manages to use any of these personalities to achieve his own goals, but it can also lead to significant failures if the initial plan of action is incorrectly chosen.

In childhood, the well-being and development of a boy closely depend on his affective environment: he gives his best when he feels support and encouragement. Unfriendly teachers may be responsible for poor school education. Fortunately, Marshall is a jack—of-all-trades, lively and gifted, especially with regard to foreign languages, which it would be wise to encourage to study as early as possible. It will be necessary to monitor his curiosity, which pushes him to take on several cases at the same time and not finish any of them. In general, he has a good character. But from time to time, a slight exaggeration or pretentiousness will help him regain self-confidence.

Marshall is very fond of society, communication between friends, they occupy an important place in his life, prefers associative, group or team activities. Emotionally, he prefers to stay alone, but his poise and his self-realization require the warmth and closeness of a couple. The owner of this name is a moderately responsive and insightful man, a real psychologist in his affective relationships. Moreover, having reached maturity, he will most often prove himself to be a responsible, understanding man, as well as an excellent family man.

Several types of professions are possible for this multifaceted personality: commercial or communicative professions, where expression and the art of persuasion are crucial, independent professions carried out in association or within the framework of group practice, consulting professions, for example, activities related to creativity, voice, written expression or in connection, directly or indirectly, with the artistic sphere.

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