The name Nurlan means “sparkling“ in Arabic. It is also interpreted as “light“, “ray of the sun“ and “shine“, “illuminate with rays“. This male name is popular among Asian peoples, in particular in such countries and regions as Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Tatarstan.

The owner of this name is a somewhat reserved and timid man, prefers secrecy, so from the outside it looks quite phlegmatic. He can be nervous because of his abilities, so he behaves cautiously, detached, often hiding behind an ironic smile, suppressing his sensitivity. By nature it is a solitary and taciturn man, is not devoid of skepticism, but interested to a greater degree in the Humanities or psychology.

Nurlan has a strong imagination, which, combined with his intuition, allows him to display his mental gifts. He does not express himself much, but you should not believe his indifferent appearance, because mental outpourings disturb him, but this man is very modest.

Nurlan values his freedom above all else, loves change, and is attracted to travel, both imaginary and real. He is also interested in everything unusual, wonderful, magical. In sentimental terms, it is not easy to understand him, because Nurlan is secretive and does not show his feelings. This man is concerned about traditional marriage, as it alienates him from freedom. And, very likely, Nurlan will fail, if he does not manage to dominate his rather lonely character, he can remain single for a long time.

Work in the field of humanities is very well suited to Nurlan (psychology, graphology, sociology, ethnology). But this man can also choose a technical specialty or an activity related to travel, sales, advertising, fashion and politics.

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