OriginGreek, Japanese
SynonymsMeena, Menas, Minas, Minaa, Minea

The name Mina has several versions of origin. This name is used in various cultures. In modern times the name Mina is most often used as a female, although historically this name was masculine.

According to the first version, this name has Egyptian roots. In the Coptic language the male name Mina means “persistent man”, meaning “devotee”, “decisive”. In ancient Egypt the name of Mina (Menes) had the first pharaoh, who lived around 3100 BC.

According to the second version, the name of Mina appeared from the ancient Greek name Μηνάς - Menas (Minas), which is interpreted as “moon”. It was masculine only name.

It is possible that in Christianity this name appeared from Egyptian adherents of the Christian religion (Mina Egyptian, Mina Sinai). In the Orthodox calendar the name is referred as Minea and Mina (male names), and among Catholics - Mennas and Minnas.

The female name Mina is most often found in Asian countries (Korea, Japan, China). It is written in various hieroglyphs, therefore it has options for Latin transcription (Mina, Min-a, Mi-na, Minaa, Meena and others). Depending on the characters, the meaning of the name may vary.

It is likely that in these countries the female name Mina appeared after the europeanization of traditional names, so that the name was convenient for use outside of their native countries or to communicate with foreigners.

There is a masculine name Min meaning “bright”. Therefore, the female name has changed its meaning somewhat so most often the female name Mina in Asian countries will be interpreted as “beauty”, “smart”. It is also possible to combine these concepts with those hieroglyphs that recorded the name.

In European countries the name Mina is often used as a short form for the names of Wilhelmina, Irmina, Ermina (Armine, Germina), Dominica, Minodora, Selmine. This use is also relevant for some oriental names - Nomin, Amina, Ramina, Yasmin, Jasmine.

The owner of the name Mina is very choosy in making friends and relationships. First of all, she seeks harmony, peace, therefore she will try to avoid any conflicts.

This is a demanding woman, a perfectionist. She equally shows responsibility for the duties in personal and professional life that rest on her shoulders. She is emotional and sensitive, often tends to accumulate her feelings and emotions and does not always express her grievances.

Mina has good intuition, she knows how to feel people and situations. This ability can lead her to a profession in which it is important to take into account other people, be able to listen to them, where her sensitivity can get into a constructive direction and be useful. You should not try to convince Mina, she is confident in her judgment, while the girl will not understand that you do not agree with her. But if you decide to confront it, you will need to take a soft, calm, restrained appearance that will hide your true emotions and real purpose.

Her foresight allows her to always be ahead of others: innovative ideas, new concepts. And thanks to her kindness and gentleness, romantic and idealistic spirit, sometimes certain timidity, Mina will always be needed by people, will become that hospitable shoulder on which to lean so well and pour out experiences.

In childhood, she is a calm, gentle, sensitive girl. With high probability she will become a darling, “a real doll”. It will be necessary to help her to gain confidence in herself from early childhood, to give her reasonable responsibilities so that an understanding of responsibility will be instilled in her.

Mina applies exactingness and perfectionism not only to work, but also to relationships. Her passion will be no exception. She is very worried about family and children, and she gives them her time, her love, but expects a lot in return.

Mina can play the role of an enlightened guide. Demand by people is the main criterion for choosing her profession. Great working capacity, diversity, activities that allow her to give advice, listen, help - these parameters are also priority for Mina when choosing a profession. She prefers to be a teacher, consultant, psychologist, can also choose activities related to aesthetics, decoration, art, culture, writing.

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